Announcements on Indies Unlimited

We receive frequent requests to post announcements on Indies Unlimited. From among these, we try to select those we feel may be of interest to the indie author community. We have limited slots available for such announcements and work hard to try to bring a good balance of information, entertainment, writing exercises,  and social media growth opportunity.

It would be impossible to dedicate enough staff time to verify the substance and legitimacy of all the announcements of contests, services, charity activities and events of which we are informed. While we are happy to post these announcements when we can, we strongly urge that, as in all matters financial, the prospective consumer perform the proper due diligence to make an appropriately informed decision. Please note that for this reason, such announcements are run with a disclaimer that reflects our policy. The disclaimer is not intended to impugn the entity or person for whom the announcement is run, but to make clear that Indies Unlimited does not grant any sort of imprimatur simply by virtue of posting the information.

Indies Unlimited does not endorse or support any specific:

Publisher, publicist, agent, editor or other provider of products or services;

Publication or website;

Event, conference, workshop, program or course;

Charitable cause or organization;

Contest, competition, award program; or

Accrediting or certifying agency, entity, or organization of any kind.

The appearance of text, images, or links related to any such subjects is for informational or advertising purposes only and does not indicate endorsement or approval by Indies Unlimited.

Author: Administrators

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