Successful Fiction Writing by Phillip Duke Ph.D.

Sherlock Holmes and the Alien AbductionThe author of this article has never had a “best seller.” However, at one time he was book review editor for a Chicago newspaper, and after intensively studying writing and publishing for over 60 years, believes he has learned something about it. There is a saying, “those that can’t do, teach.”

Fiction writing is story telling with written, not spoken words. A good story like a good read entertains, and a great story like a great book entertains, and also improves by educating.

The spoken story has a number of advantages over the written story. The spoken word’s emphasis and the sentence word flow are immediately evident in the storyteller’s voice. The written word uses punctuation and rules of grammar to convey in writing what the storyteller does by speaking. That is why correct punctuation, spelling and grammar are important.

Words tell the story, and it is how the words are selected and strung together, that makes or breaks the story. Every word has its meaning, and also its accompanying emotion, or feeling. As the story is read its words create thoughts and feelings in the reader’s mind. The measure of a story’s success lies in this one thing; its ability to transport the reader to its place, time and action. When the reader is made to feel as if he or she is actually there, is in the story and part of it, the story is successful. How is this accomplished? Continue reading “Successful Fiction Writing by Phillip Duke Ph.D.”

Indies Unlimited Selected as Finalist in IBBA

Indies Unlimited has been named as a finalist in the Independent Book Blogger Awards. This competition was conducted under the aegis of Goodreads and the Association of American Publishers.

The announcement reads, “Goodreads and the Association of American Publishers are pleased to announce the winners of the first-ever Independent Book Blogger Awards. Designed to showcase the incredible talent working in the book blogging community today, this year’s award winners are standouts in their field.”

Goodreads reports that in this inaugural IBBA, 804 blogs were entered and nearly 10,000 members voted. Blogs could be entered in four categories: Adult Fiction; Adult Nonfiction; Young Adult & Children’s; and Publishing Industry. Indies Unlimited entered in the Publishing Industry category and  was named with 13 other blogs as a finalist in the category.

The winner in the Publishing Industry category Is Writer Beware, a well-known, respected, and valuable resource in the indie community. We are proud to have trod the same stage with them and extend our heartfelt congratulations and appreciation for all the team at Writer Beware does for the benefit of writers.

I founded Indies Unlimited October 6, 2011. I find it remarkable that a blog still less than a year old can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best. The credit for this lies with the outstanding team of writers here at Indies Unlimited and my co-administrator, Kat Brooks.

Thanks to all our readers, excellent guest contributors, and everyone who voted for us. We appreciate your support.

Who’s your fall guy?

Author Vickie Johnstone

by Vickie Johnstone

Fall guys… ah, we all know about those. Growing up watching Star Trek (my dad’s fave – and he looked a bit like him!) with William Shatner forever getting his shirt ripped diagonally (in the exact same place every time – was there magic tape?), I knew that whenever someone we didn’t really know beamed down to the spooky planet of the week, he wasn’t coming back. But that was okay because we hadn’t really got to know them, and sometimes their death saved the life of someone more important or much fitter, and it was always much better than one of our heroes – Kirk, Spock or Bones – getting squished.

I was thinking about this while watching an episode of the second series of The Walking Dead. I love this show – it’s my latest addiction! Anyway, a character that I really liked got… well… how can I put it? He got dead-ed. Kaput. Squished. Therefore this person (I won’t give it away) won’t be appearing again. I went to bed thinking oh no! I liked this character. He had personality. I’d gone through nearly two whole series with this person, sharing his laughter, sadness, struggles, battles with the yucky looking undead-ed people, seeing what he had for dinner… the whole kaboom. And now… well, you-know-who was zombie spam. Continue reading “Who’s your fall guy?”