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BookTweeters LogoJust publishing your book isn’t enough… you need to promote it. Whether you are running a promotion for your book, making it free or lowering the price, or your book is at its normal price, BookTweeters.com is here to help you promote your book.

For the past several months, we have worked hard, connecting with authors and readers on Twitter across 5 different accounts, to grow our network of followers. We have over 235,000 followers in our network, and it is growing quickly every day! These are people who want to learn about free books, bargain books, and other books that they may be interested in reading.

BookTweeters.com is run by eBooksHabit.com, who have been bringing free and bargain ebooks to their blog readers and email list for the past couple of years. They have worked with thousands of authors and know that authors just need more people to know about their book.

Twitter is a great medium for reaching out to readers, but the problem is, Tweets can be missed if you are following a lot of people. That is why, each day you purchase a promo for, we tweet it 60 times! Each of the 5 accounts tweets it 12 times throughout the day, when a majority of US readers are awake. If we only tweeted once, someone may miss it in their Twitter stream, so we have it set to tweet your book tweets all day long.

But does it produce sales? We have had repeat orders from customers who loved the results of their first order! We obviously can’t work magic, but if your book is appealing, using our tweet packages to broadcast your book to 235,000+ people many times a day is a great way to boost sales or complement a free or discounted price promotion.

We have many packages to suit your needs, ranging from 1 to 5 days of tweets. The more days you buy, the more you save.

Add us to your list of places to get in touch with for your next promo, or try out our packages today to get more exposure for your book!

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6 thoughts on “Featured Service: BookTweeters.com”

  1. Thanks for the feedback on our service:

    smclaugh1 – In the world of email marketing, sending an email to your list every day would be considered spam by most people. This is exactly what BookBub and all of the other free/bargain ebook sites do. Is that spam, or is that something you’re opting in to? Those who want emails full of ebooks everyday don’t think it is spam. The same goes for Twitter. It is easy to unfollow someone, but our followers have stayed, and even increased since we started running promos, because of retweets, replies, favorites, and more.

    p.d.r. lindsay-salmon – If I was receiving 60 tweets a day from a single author’s account, I would probably be annoyed. When I follow an author from my personal accounts, I want to learn about them, not just be sold. That is why we exist… to be able to do what authors can’t (or shouldn’t) from their personal accounts. The people who follow us know they’re going to learn about various books all day every day. Those who don’t want such notifications and tweets don’t follow us. Win-win situation for everyone.

    Yvonne – Those 60 tweets go out to 245,000+ followers (yes, we’ve grown our network by 10,000 followers in the 4 days since this blog post was posted). Hope that clears it up.

    kenyonledford – People can and do say that they are really sick of indie authors all of the time. Lumping a group of people or companies together with a broad stroke of disdain isn’t constructive. The actions of a few bad apples shouldn’t spoil the whole bunch. Those who do say such things about indie authors because they have encountered a few bad ones, are missing out on some great books from other indie authors.

  2. Well, BookTweeters. I went straightaway and bgt your svs. because 1) I don’t have many followers and 2) I’m not skilled at Twitter. askDavid.com tweets to 30,000 and you tweet to 245,000. Perhaps I will sell some books. I’ll soon know.

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