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Stop Here for SavingsSTOP right there! I wanna know right now: Do you want some free books? 99 cent deals? We’ve got them right here on Thrifty Thursday.

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50 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Stop Here for Savings”

  1. Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law
    Michelle Granas
    Cordelia is a shy polio victim who lives a life of seclusion caring for her odd family in Warsaw until a chance encounter expands her world. “highly entertaining” Amazon bestseller in world literature.

    $.99 this week

  2. Swans Are Fat Too
    Michelle Granas
    A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw. “Beautiful…thought-provoking.” An Amazon #1 bestseller in Eastern European Literature.

    $.99 this week

  3. Hollow Empire: Night of Knives: Episode 1
    John McGuire & J Edward Neill
    A post-apocalyptic medieval fantasy that focuses on four characters’ lives twenty years after a devastating plague.

    $0.99 for the next 5 weeks.

  4. 1. Showstoppers
    2. Helen Smith
    3. Who is trying to stop the show at a London stage school? Twenty-six-year old amateur sleuth Emily Castles deals with blackmail and murder in this humorous British mystery.
    5. $0.99

  5. Ever After Series: Paranormal Romance Box Set (Steamy Vampire Romance)
    by A.C. James
    Fall into the Ever After Series, a paranormal romance box set, by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author A.C. James. It’s only available for 99 cents during preorders–Get your copy before the price goes up to $4.99!

  6. Hancock Hill
    Peter Silverman
    The tale of a young man obsessed with his first love while he and his best friend struggle to invent a revolutionary but threatening machine and gift it to the world.

    Free Thursday and Friday, September 18 and 19.

  7. My Forever: A Triple Treat Romance Box Set
    By Annette Lyon, Karey White, and Cami Checketts
    Three Bestselling Authors, Three Romance Novels, One Great Price

    $.99 cents Today through Saturday, Sept. 18th – Sept. 20!

  8. Post Pattern by David Chill
    Private investigator Burnside is trying to determine who’s behind the shooting of a local football star. But as he unravels a series of baffling leads, he finds himself face-to-face with a betrayal from his past.
    99 cents through Sept. 19.

  9. Free Tools for Writers, Bloggers and Solopreneurs
    By Karen Banes
    Free tools, apps, reports and resources to help you run your business or freelance career on a shoestring budget.

    Always 99 cents from Amazon stores worldwide

  10. Remember Me $.99 (thru 9/24/14)
    by Melissa Bowersock
    A young woman wakes up in the hospital with amnesia and struggles to understand the life she doesn’t remember and why she married a man who hates her.

  11. Tomorrow Comes at Midnight
    G. Hooten Popp
    Set in 1979 and early 1980, this Texas-flavored drama is a story of love, loss and redemption.

    99 cents Sept 18 – 23

  12. Back From Chaos: Book One of Earth’s Pendulum: free until Sept. 21 with coupon JU32F
    By: Yvonne Hertzberger
    Klast, assassin, spy, loner, unlikeliest of heroes, is unaware he must rescue a maid, unmask a traitor to save his world.

  13. Twenty-Five Years Ago Today
    Stacy Juba
    When obit writer and aspiring reporter Kris Langley investigates the 25-year-old unsolved murder of Diana Ferguson, she must fight to stay off the obituary page herself.

    99 cent sale through 9/30

  14. The Transition of Johnny Swift
    Kerry J Donovan
    Racing driver, Frank Brazier, wakes from an accident temporarily blind, a voice he doesn’t recognize calls him Johnny, but who is Johnny Swift?

    Book price $0.99 from 18th Sept until 20th Sept.

  15. Under the Italian Sun: 5 storytellers wrote 5 novels of mystery, romance and intrigue
    Maria Grazia Swan,
    5 contemporary mystery novels with clean romance set in Italy for 99 cents, saving you $16.00.

    99 cents to October 15, 2014

  16. “Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer”
    by Vicki Lesage
    Diapers, tantrums, and French bureaucracy – the crazy life of an American mom in Paris.

    $0.99 until 9/22

  17. The Blue of Her Hair, the Gold of Her Eyes
    Rachel’s mysterious disease changes her body and makes everyone fear her–what will she ultimately become?
    99 Cents . . . Ends SOON!

  18. Stinger Maguire
    by Mike Bove
    Senior sleuth, Bruce DelReno, solves much more than the murder case of golf pro Tyran Maguire.

    99cents through September

  19. Sassy Seven Boxed Set
    Gemma Halliday, Eileen Cook Barb Ferrer, Robyn Harding, Shannon McKelden, Eileen Rendahl, Serena Robar
    Romance, intrigue and fashion with a healthy dose of humor ensues when seven acclaimed authors come together for some fresh, flirty fun.

    Available for $.99 until October 18

  20. Willowtree
    by Mike Bove
    Senior sleuth, Bruce DelReno, works on connecting three murders that happened over thirty years near a small town Arizona golf course.

    99 cents thru September

  21. Wardens of Light and Shadow
    J.M. Williamson
    .99 cents
    As House Merandith and Suldamik vie for the throne, events threaten to draw the Wardens and their ancient conflict from the shadows.

    by “Cabo Bob”
    A collection of some classic Mexican jokes, but it’s more than a typical joke book: has sections of puns and expressions that crop up in Mexican daily life so a foreigner who uses them gets a smile and moves a step further inside the culture.
    Free through tomorrow

  23. The Island Game: The Inside Story of Seaward Isle – 99 cents
    by Joni Parker
    “Hopefully, we’ll get off this island someday, and I’ll be able to share my experiences with the world.” Olivia Richards, journalist

  24. Lord Peter and Little Kerstin by Ian Cumpstey
    Enter the dark and distant world of the old Scandinavian forest: these new verse translations of Swedish medieval ballads give a glimpse of another age.

    99c today only…

  25. Cry Wolf Series: Shifter Romance Box Set
    by Sarah Mäkelä
    Immerse yourself in a world of werewolves and witches with the first three books in the Cry Wolf series by NYT and USA Today bestselling author Sarah Makela. Only 99 cents during preorders, so get your copy before the price goes to $4.99!

  26. The Gym Life Book Of Fitness: How To Develop Full-Body Fitness That Makes You Look, Feel and Perform Better at Everything!
    by: Colin Stuckert
    The simple way to develop your fitness using intelligent exercise, rest and recovery protocols.

    .99 cents until 9/31

  27. Space Crazy
    K. Rowe
    Sci-fi/ adventure
    A half-breed alien realizes his dreams of being in space aren’t all they cracked up to be.
    Always FREE. Available on Amazon, BN, Smashwords.

  28. The Dreaming Demon by Alex Avrio.
    Following in the footsteps of the monk Ferdinand de Castile, an expedition sets off into the jungle to try to locate a long lost city, but why was it deserted, and what sinister secrets lurk in the ruins?
    A novella for sale at 99 cents from Amazon.

  29. The Ultimate Philippines Travel Guide: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Island Adventure

    Author: Hoang Pham

    A quick and short travel guide to help you get started with planning your trip to the Philippines.

    The book is discounted at $0.99 for now and will get back up to $2.99 soon.

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