Print Book Party: That New Print Book Smell

book sniffing at Bowdoin CollegeJust like a brand new car (but a lot cheaper!), there’s nothing like that new print book smell. Let’s celebrate the printed word here at the Indies Unlimited Print Book Party.

The party is on. Let’s help readers discover some fine indie writing at reasonable prices.

If you have a print book available from a major online retailer at $15 or less, follow the instructions below and post your link. If you see one you like, click over and buy it. This feature is for print editions only priced at fifteen dollars and under.

When possible, we replace some of the links with clickable book cover images. Do not attempt to insert an image in comments on your own. Just put the following information in the comment section:

1. Book title and price

2. Author name

3. A short one sentence book description (keep it tweetable in length.)

4. One link to purchase the book (only secure retail sites – Amazon or B&N.)

Then let your friends and fans know your book is available here today. Use the share buttons below, or copy the link in the address bar above and share the news on your favorite social media platforms. The more, the merrier, right? So let’s give it a try, shall we? Please make sure to follow the RULES above. Now, go ahead and tell the world about your cheap read.

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34 thoughts on “Print Book Party: That New Print Book Smell”

  1. The Black Elf of Seaward Isle, Book One of the Seaward Isle Saga $13.70
    by Joni Parker
    The legend of the Black Elf begins as Alex seeks revenge on the Wizard Mylar.

  2. Tangled Omens, Book Two of the Seaward Isle Saga $13.49
    by Joni Parker
    Challenged by a new mission, Alex seeks the pirate spy who threatens to destroy the Kingdom.

    1. The Rise of the Phoenix – Vol. 3 of the “Daimones Trilogy” – $15
      Massimo Marino
      In a dark future, a first contact and an alien colonization changes forever the destiny of the race of man.

  3. Death of Heaven $14.14
    JZ Murdock
    Two friends since childhood alone watch as the end of the world as we know it comes upon us; but this isn’t the long expected Apocalypse.

  4. Wardens of Light and Shadow
    J.M. Williamson
    As winter approaches, events threaten to draw the Wardens from the shadows, and reshape lives in both foreseen and unexpected ways.

  5. Fractured $10.79
    D. Hart St. Martin
    Teenager Lisen Holt’s life is fractured when a sorcerer takes her from Earth and returns her to Garla. Best Book 2013

  6. Fleischerhaus $9.74
    by Melissa Bowersock
    A young woman experiences a past life memory of being murdered during the Holocaust and struggles to find justice to the person she used to be.

  7. Burning Through $9.99
    by Melissa Bowersock
    A young woman finds out her house is haunted by a fire-setting ghost and must uncover the mystery behind the fires before they consume her home, her marriage and her life.

  8. The Siren (Laments of Angels & Dark Chemistry, #1) $14.29
    Meg Xuemei X
    “The perfect combination of fantasy, sci-fi, and romance.” Lucienne, born to rule as the last of the Sirens, is running out of time . . .

  9. With Angel’s Wings $8.46
    by Stephanie Collins
    Laura’s world spins as pediatricians throw words at her like heart failure, seizures, and g-tube feeds…when all she wants is to hold her baby tightly and be the mom she’d always dreamed of being.

    13-year-old sleuth Skylar Robbins has her belief in a rational universe challenged when an unusual classmate introduces her to witchcraft.

  11. Hate Candy
    Vampires, zombies and ghosts, oh my! Hate candy bites you back. Let’s get ready for Halloween.
    4.99 on Amazon
    Buy the print on Amazon and get the Ebook free!

  12. Frontier Justice: Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal $10.06
    by Charles Ray
    Bass Reeves was an illiterate ex-slave, who had spent the Civil War in Indian Territory to escape bondage.

  13. Swans Are Fat Too, $9.21
    Michelle Granas
    A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw—an Amazon bestseller.

  14. Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law, $13.57-$14.21
    Michelle Granas
    Cordelia is disabled and painfully shy but is forced to take action when a stranger needs her help—an Amazon bestseller set in Poland.

  15. Risking Exposure
    When a Hitler Youth member contracts polio, her status changes from Nazi insider to Nazi target. Her only weapon is her camera.

  16. ‘South of Burnt Rocks West of the Moon’
    by G J Berger
    “A fascinating mostly true story of the real Hunger Games–courageous people led by a young She-warrior holding off the mighty and brutal oppressor, Rome” and the novel won the San Diego historical fiction Book Award 2012.”

  17. ‘A Woman Transported’
    by Sharon Robards
    This delightfully racy story about a sexy young lady is set in 19thC Australia and became a best seller on the Amazon historical fiction list

  18. ‘Unforgivable’
    by Sharon Robards
    If you enjoyed the film, Philomena, then this similar, heart touching story set in Australia in the 1960s is for you.

  19. ‘Jacob’s Ladder’
    by p.d.r. lindsay
    1642 and war threatens England, Jacob has to protect his family and business from the bigots on both sides.

  20. Terra Nullius
    by T.D. McKinnon
    This is the story of the 19th century colonial disgrace in Tasmania; the true story of Trucannini, a diminutive, native heroine, who tried in vain, all her life, to save her people.

  21. The Adventures of Mister Bubble: Mister Bubble and the Thoughtless Children. – £7.49
    By Luke Mathius Harlow
    Mister Bubble is a series of books about morals and teaching them in a fun way to children from the ages of 3 – 9.

  22. Guide to Writing the Mystery Novel: Lots of Examples, Plus Dead Bodies
    Barbara Gregorich
    Discover the devious thought process a mystery writer employs in planting clues, casting suspicion, selecting villains, and more.

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