February First Print Book Party

Mr. Pish's Print Book Party 2Can you think of a better way to start off February than by having a print book party? Okay, maybe with a million dollars – that’ll get you a lot of books for certain – especially at these bargain prices! Check out all the great reads at the Indies Unlimited Print Book Party.

Want to help readers discover some fine indie writing at reasonable prices? Here’s the deal:

If you have a print book available from a major online retailer at $15 or less, follow the instructions below and post your link. If you see one you like, click over and buy it. This feature is only for print editions priced at fifteen dollars and under.

When possible, we replace some of the links with clickable book cover images. Do not attempt to insert an image in comments on your own. Just put the following information in the comment section:

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  1. Swans Are Fat Too, $7.58-$8.82
    Michelle Granas
    A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw—an Amazon bestseller.

  2. Zaremba, or Love and the Rule of Law, $13.47-$13.75
    Michelle Granas
    Cordelia is disabled and painfully shy but is forced to take action when a stranger needs her help—an Amazon bestseller set in Poland.

  3. Back From Chaos: Book One of Earth’s Pendulum: $11.08
    By: Yvonne Hertzberger
    Klast, assassin, spy, unlikeliest hero, damaged by his past, must rescue a maid, unmask a traitor, unaware of his ultimate destiny.

  4. The Black Elf of Seaward Isle, Book One of the Seaward Isle Saga $13.80
    by Joni Parker
    Alex vows to kill the wizard who murdered her parents and becomes a soldier to learn how.

  5. Through Kestrel’s Eyes: Book Two of Earth’s Pendulum: $11.16
    By: Yvonne Hertzberger
    Seer Liannis faces tests, losses and the lure of forbidden romance in her quest to bring her world back into peace and balance.

  6. The Dreamt Child: Book Three of Earth’s Pendulum: $12.36
    By: Yvonne Hertzberger
    Liannis, Merrist are called to accept sweeping changes destined by the goddess. They face treachery, resistance before their child is born.

  7. Tangled Omens, Book Two of the Seaward Isle Saga $13.49
    by Joni Parker
    Alex sets out on her first solo mission, deep into the pirate stronghold.

  8. Drawing Breath $8.26
    Worried that the chronically ill art teacher she adores might be in danger, sixteen-year-old Caitlin makes one very bad decision.

  9. Blood Mission, Book Three of the Seaward Isle Saga $14.99 (new release)
    by Joni Parker
    Alex thwarts an assassination attempt on her cousin Prince Darin of the Water Elves and is assigned a Blood Mission to find the assassins.

  10. Playing Charlie Cool – $11.69
    Joshua’s ex-wife might be conniving to keep the two men apart, but Charlie knows he has to play it right or risk losing his love forever.

  11. With Angel’s Wings $9.95
    by Stephanie Collins
    Laura’s world spins as pediatricians throw words at her like heart failure, seizures, and g-tube feeds…when all she wants is to hold her baby tightly and be the mom she’d always dreamed of being.

  12. Counting Churches – The Malta Stories $8.99
    Rosanne Dingli
    Memories, anecdotes, family memories, and pure figments of the author’s imagination. The reader must figure which is which.

  13. Obituary Column, $11.64
    .Author name: Sandra Farris, Dan Farris
    Tracy Chapman finds missing families of the deceased, usually without a problem, but when she begins looking into the history of a 96-year old Jewish man, the search leads to murder and kidnapping.

  14. Lady Ace: $14.36
    Sandra Farris
    While flying a client to a remote ranch in Oregon, sabotage forces Kasey O’Brien to make an emergency landing. Was the intended victim her client, or was she?

  15. Chasing The Chalice: A Collection of Verses
    by Laura Charlotte Berlin
    $ 9.52
    Playful and magical love poetry with Arthurian sensibility to letters of the alphabet.

  16. Shattered Reality: Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles Book One
    by Brenda Perlin
    Brooklyn and Bo, each unhappily married to someone else, have to decide whether to stay with their spouses or give up everything for each other.

  17. Burnt Promises: Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles Book Two
    by Brenda Perlin
    Bo and Brooklyn’s relationship is tested while Bo’s soon-to-be-ex wife continues to try to hold on for dear life.

  18. Fractured Vows (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles: Book Three)
    by Brenda Perlin
    Bo and Brooklyn’s worlds are turned upside down as they find themselves facing insanity in the form of an angry woman who loses all reason when she tries to destroy them.

  19. Alex the Mutt: From Death Row to Cozy Home
    by Brenda Perlin, foreword by Arlene R. O’Neil
    Alex the Mutt was the love of my life, but she could have been euthanized before having had a chance to live.

  20. Ty the Bull
    by KD Emerson, Brenda Perlin and Rex Baughman
    Everything seemed to fall apart for Ty when his parents got a divorce.

    Happy Sunday!

    Literary Fiction by Lorraine Devon Wilke
    Tessa finds her father’s journals on the night of his funeral and discovers he thought she was a failure. Cue existential crisis.

    Happy February reading!

  22. Gator Moon – $13.39
    by Max Ray
    Gator Moon is an action packed novel set in the Florida Everglades, featuring a dog as one of the heroes.

  23. Zahwu – $9.95
    by Keith Knecht
    A deadly new disease is beginning to spread throughout the world. John, the child of missionaries to Africa must travel to Liberia’s deadly jungle to help find the cure.

  24. Camping on Other Planets ($11.95)
    Clark Nielsen
    A sci-fi adventure following the journey of thee boys who are abducted from Earth and taken to another planet.

  25. In the Line of Fire: American Diplomats in the Trenches – $8.95
    Charles Ray, editor
    A collection of essays showing the dangers American diplomats face as they do their daily work.

  26. Frontier Justice: Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal – $9.86
    Charles Ray
    A fictionalized account of the first two years on the job of Bass Reeves, one of the first African-American deputy marshals west of the Mississippi.

  27. !. Bountiful Bonsai, $14.95 list, $11.72 at Amazon
    2. Richard W. Bender
    3. Learn to create your own indoor tropical bonsai that bear a bountiful harvest.

  28. Holes in Space – A Poetry Collection
    $10.99 Now on sale for $9.89
    By Andrea Barbosa
    Love, passion, lust, heartbreak, desolation, loneliness, celebration: these are some of the themes captured in this poetry collection.

  29. Ultimate Alternate Earth Tales
    By Antaeus $13.50
    A thought provoking collection of unique fantasy and science fiction action/adventure short stories.
    Ultimate Alternate Earth Tales
    By Antaeus $13.50
    A thought provoking collection of unique fantasy and science fiction action/adventure short stories.

  30. Fleischerhaus $9.49
    by Melissa Bowersock
    A young woman experiences a past-life memory of being murdered during the Holocaust and struggles to bring justice to the person she used to be.

  31. Stone’s Ghost $9.99
    by Melissa Bowersock
    A successful businessman forms an unlikely friendship with a ghost, which both depend on when they are forced to confront the pasts that haunt them.

  32. Burning Through $9.99
    by Melissa Bowersock
    A woman discovers that her house is haunted by a fire-setting ghost and races to solve the mystery behind the fires before they consume her home, her marriage … and her life.

  33. The Blue Crystal $12.71
    by Melissa Bowersock
    In the vein of Lord of the Rings, a young peasant finds himself in the middle of the classic, magical battle between good and evil.

  34. Terra Nullius $12.93
    T.D. McKinnon
    Trucannini, losing family and loved ones and caught in the machinations of colonial appropriation, sees negotiation as the only, slim hope for the survival of her people.

  35. DOG BONE SOUP, A Boomer’s Journey by Bette A. Stevens
    DOG BONE SOUP is a poignant tale of a dysfunctional family struggling to survive in America in the 50s and 60s.

  36. AMAZING MATILDA, A Monarch’s Tale $ 9.49
    by Bette A. Stevens
    Award-winning picture book follows life cycle of butterfly and inspires kids to reach for their dreams.

  37. The Tangram Zoo and Word Puzzles Too! $6.99
    by Bette A. Stevens
    Creative learning & fun: great resource for classroom/homeschooling includes puzzles/poems/project ideas.

  38. CHINESE TAKE-OUT $9.99
    by Ian Mathie
    International intrigue across four continents, with corruption in high places and a dissident jazz-mad Chinese scientist. This year’s best thriller – move over Tom Clancy!

  39. Killing Jenna Crane – $8.49
    Lynette Sofras
    When a selfish novelist meets his ideal woman, he agrees to kill off his popular heroine, then battles the darkness in his soul as a secret is exposed that rocks his life.

  40. Who is he? (Southern Seas Series) US$7.00
    Gwendoline Ewins
    1803 London
    She is a debutante. He is an artist. He’s jeopardised his plan to sail to paint in glorious solitude in Polynesia’s clear light. Now a wife will accompany him.

  41. …Before You Leap (Time Will Tell, book 1) Amazon list price: $8.99
    Les Lynam
    A character-driven YA level Time-Travel story focused on culture clash from two centuries apart.

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