Tips for Increasing Visibility on your Facebook Page in 2015

Increasing Visibility on your Facebook PageIt’s a new year and the Facebook changes to privacy settings — how others interact with you and what you see — are now in full force. You can read about these changes here in a December post here on Indies Unlimited.

Now that things are different, how do we get the most from our Facebook Pages? As we know, Facebook has crushed organic visibility for Facebook Page owners. It’s quite simple why — they want you to buy ads.

Let’s talk about how we can increase our visibility within our Pages and maximize your exposure while playing the Facebook game. Continue reading “Tips for Increasing Visibility on your Facebook Page in 2015”

Featured Service: Bookside Manner Editing and Proofreading Services

Bookside Manner Editing ServiceYou’ve worked hard on your novel. You’ve written and revised. You’ve gotten feedback from your beta readers. Now it’s time to give it that final polish.

I’m Kelly Cozy, founder of Bookside Manner Editing Services. I provide line editing, copyediting, and proofreading for all genres of fiction, and for select nonfiction categories. I’ve been an editor for more than 20 years, and hold degrees in English (creative writing) and journalism from the University of Missouri at Columbia. Let me put my expertise to work for your book.

Editing is one of the most crucial steps in publishing. Typos, grammatical errors, or inconsistencies will cause readers to put your book aside — and if these mistakes occur in the first few pages of your book, you may lose sales as well.

I know from experience how important editing is. I’m also a writer, and the author of four independently published novels. I know how much time and effort go into writing a novel, how difficult it is to self-edit your own work, and how important it is that your novel be polished and professional while still retaining your distinctive voice and style.

I also know that writers aren’t made of money, and that’s why I’m offering you a free sample edit. Send me a 2,000-word excerpt from your manuscript — I will line edit, copyedit, or proofread the excerpt and return it to you with edits, changes, and comments. You’ll be able to decide if Bookside Manner’s services are right for you without spending a penny.

Details about services, rates, and qualifications are available at Bookside Manner’s website. Together, we’ll get your novel ready for readers.

What customers are saying about Bookside Manner:

“Not only did Kelly finish her edit a full month and a half before my deadline, but when I got it back my manuscript was dripping with red.  She’d caught every one of my cursed homonym mistakes, reined in all of the wayward punctuation, made innovative and informed suggestions based on an obvious grasp of my characters’ personalities, slashed the superfluous adjectives to ribbons, and trimmed the fat down to the bone. I’d never been so pleased with an edit in all my life. Thanks to her diligent efforts, I was able to easily turn that shabby draft into a clean, polished, and positively resplendent final version. I published this second book with confidence, but also waited to see if there would be any hidden mistakes that Kelly or I had missed.  It’s now been a solid year and no one has mentioned noticing even the slightest typo.”
– Emily Thompson, Clockwork Twist: Trick

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A Self-Publishing Journey Which Debunks Conventional Wisdom

Author Shawn InmonI started my publishing journey three years ago — a fifty-something year-old realtor that hadn’t written anything in decades, but had a story to tell. Like so many others, I nearly fell into the orbit of a vanity press, a company that was thrilled to publish that story for me for around $5,000. Luckily, before I signed on the dotted line, I found Indies Unlimited and a few other worthwhile sites that showed me a different path. Now, three years later (I think publishing years should be like dog years and count at about a 7 to 1 ratio, don’t you?), I now find myself with the opportunity to write for IU. Who says dreams don’t come true?

Long before I ever wrote my first guest post for IU, I subscribed to the blog posts to make sure I didn’t miss any of them. If I had a question I needed answered, IU was always my first stop. Why? Because I had learned that I could trust the information. With so many publishing blogs, there’s an obvious slant, trying to recruit for some cause or belief, but not at IU. If they have a cause, it is to help us all be better writers and publishers. Continue reading “A Self-Publishing Journey Which Debunks Conventional Wisdom”