Blogging for Your Local Newspaper

Reading the Local NewspaperWhat’s a writer’s biggest challenge? Apart, that is, from writing great books? Bringing those books, and the name of the author, to the public’s attention. It’s a never-ending job. We not only have to keep writing, keep putting out new (and better) work, but we have to get our names out there so people will notice. Yes, that means social media; that means online forums, that means book fairs and book signings and radio and TV interviews. But there could be a local outlet that’s right under your nose: blogging for your local newspaper. Continue reading “Blogging for Your Local Newspaper”

Book Brief: The Carnarvon Creeper

The Carnarvon Creeper by Martin MurphyThe Carnarvon Creeper 
by Martin Murphy
Genres: Horror
Word Count: 30,749

For decades, during each December, people have been disappearing from towns across the west coast of Australia. The number of missing is mounting, the bodies never recovered, presumed lost amid the vast, unforgiving landscape. A grieving traveller will be dragged into the mystery in the remote outback before he comes face-to-face with a nightmare beyond his worst imaginings…

The Carnarvon Creeper is available on and Amazon UK. Continue reading “Book Brief: The Carnarvon Creeper”

Creating a Worthy Adversary

Author Laurie StevensGuest Post
by Laurie Stevens

One of the questions I get asked in regards to creating characters is “how do you deal with the mindset of a villain?”

Certainly nobody enjoys going to a dark mental place where, we have to assume, a lot of nasty characters reside. Still, if you want to remain true to putting a human face on a villainous character, you have to give him or her a lot of thought.

My wonderful writing mentor Ronald Jacobs always advised me that the best adversaries in a plot are worthy adversaries. In order to make an adversary worthy, there should be a spark of humanity there, a reason why he does what he does. This way, the reader can relate somewhat with the antagonist and interest is created. The more human the villain is, the more impact he has.

Then I had the opportunity to talk with a famed forensic psychiatrist who stunned me with his answer to a question I asked him. Continue reading “Creating a Worthy Adversary”