Gordon Long Joins the Staff of Indies Unlimited

Author Gordon LongWe are pleased to announce that Gordon Long has joined the staff of Indies Unlimited as a contributing author.

Gordon is the author of a number of titles including a drama textbook, one social commentary – Why Are People So Stupid?, and some alternate reality/fantasy books. We here at IU knew Gordon’s snarky side ran deep when we saw his book titled A Sword Called… Kitten?Β In addition to writing prose, Gordon has authored many plays and musicals which have been performed by professional and amateur groups over the years.

When Gordon isn’t writing, he crews on a 32-foot racing sloop called “Quicker” out of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, and occasionally teaches ESL (English as a second language) in Korea. Thank goodness – someone who might be able to tell us what language these instructions are in. Now, perhaps, we can get the DeathStar out of drydock and away from the Google Barge.

Please welcome Gordon to the IU family.

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22 thoughts on “Gordon Long Joins the Staff of Indies Unlimited”

  1. Welcome Gordon! (They still haven’t clued into our slowly growing fifth column of Canucks).

    I think it’s now time that Indies Unlimited purchases a corporate yacht. Something sleek and fast, but comfortable with enough room for all, like a J/65 – http://www.jboats.com/j65 We’ll call her “Subordinate Clause” and split an infinitive over her bow to christen her. I can see it all now…

    Capt. Hise striking a pose by the mast in his tricorn hat, barking orders that everyone ignores.

    Commander Brooks with one hand on the helm and a camera in the other, trying to keep the boat off the rocks and document the moment of impact at the same time.

    Big Al (who disdains all ranks and titles) pouring over the charts, wondering what all the blue stuff west of San Fransisco is.

    Gunnery Officer Boris notes the exact latitude and longitude of all the major publishing houses, and then notices that we’ve forgotten to mount any canon.

    Petty Officer Speight goes from crew member to crew member explaining the difference between a knot, a hitch and a bend, and why it’s vitally important to know that.

    Ensign Devitt heaves on line after line, wondering what if anything they’re all connect to.

    Boatswain’s Mate Hertzberger paces the galley wondering if it is actually possible to make anything edible out of salt cod and hard tack.

    Warrant Officers Water and McKinnon argue over which side of the boat is port and which is starboard.

    Cruise Director Cantwell tosses life rafts and safety flares overboard in order to make room for a shuffle board court.

    Meanwhile, First Mate Crayton vainly tries to point out to everyone that we’re still tied up to the dock.

    And Seaman Kenny?? I’m rail meat.

    Welcome to the crew Gordon.

    1. Sorry I didn’t have time to read this tome earlier. I was racing today. We won one, lost one. Obviously we needed some of the IU crew to help out! Thanks, John.

  2. Welcome, Gordon, and thanks for taking the mantle of “The New Guy” off my shoulders. There’s always room for more snarkiness in the world. Thank you for your contribution.

  3. Hey, everyone, thanks for all the nice thoughts. I wasn’t really expecting all these comments. What a bunch!
    (No, you can’t have my share of the gruel. I will, however, accept bids for my recipe for the crunchy bits.)

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