October Pinterest Fest!

spring pinterest festNot really into Pinterest? It’s pretty cool. If you want to learn more, we’ve got lots of great articles about Pinterest here. Now, get your Pinterest boards some love – post your link in today’s Pinterest fest!

This is how it works: you don’t have to be an author, publisher, publicist, literary agent, book reviewer, librarian, (or especially a book-lover) – you just have to want to meet other Pinners. In the comments below, paste in the link for your Pinterest Page. Make sure you show some love to the links in the comments above yours, and check back throughout the day to catch up.

If you’re not sure what link to post, just find your profile or bulletin board, then copy and paste the URL. It should look something like this: http://pinterest.com/IndiesUnlimited/ 

This should be fun and should generate a lot of exposure for everyone who plays. Don’t forget to follow ours. Let’s get things moving!

PLEASE be sure to reciprocate by liking those who like you. This is give and take. If everyone plays by the golden rule, we all benefit.

Author: Administrators

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29 thoughts on “October Pinterest Fest!”

  1. Thank you for your reply. I read through the information and I must say, I’m overwhelmed. There’s so much to learn! I’ll take it bit by bit, though, and get through it because it does seem like a valuable tool. I really appreciate your help.

      1. Thank you. I need to spend more time pinning. I have lots of material to add. I don’t repin from any other boards. All of my pins are from my and my wife’s photography.

  2. Followed all to here.
    NOTE for those who are NEW TO PINTEREST: You don’t have to follow ALL of someone’s Pinterest Boards. You can pick and choose which Board(s) to follow, according to your own interests. I have 89 Boards, so if you followed ALL of them, plus ALL of everyone else’s Boards, you could quickly find yourself inundated with suggested pins that are of no interest to you.

  3. I tried this and all went well until it told me to paste the verification code on my website. Where am I supposed to paste that? It doesn’t fit with any of my pages. Thanks.

    1. Oh dear. I’ve tried to get back in to see but since I’ve already gone through the process, it won’t let me go again. And unfortunately, I just don’t remember. 🙁


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