Does Your Muse Inspire Your Writing?

is the writers muse realYour muse …

Do you have one? Where does that flow come from? Where am I going with this?

Let’s start from the beginning. We all remember some of the crap we wrote. You sat down and started typing (or writing for you hanger-on-ers.) You had an idea and put it down in some form or another. You read it. It was crap. You tossed it. Continue reading “Does Your Muse Inspire Your Writing?”

Data Analytics in eBooks: How Readers Read

reading ebooksThe eBook has been with us for nearly two decades. Without it, we would not have seen the explosion of self-published authors as we have. In fact, many of us wouldn’t be reading this right now if it weren’t for eBooks. While eBooks have become ubiquitous in our society, we don’t really know much about the behavior of eBook readers.

The New York Times published an interesting article the other day regarding the habits of eBook readers. A reader analytics company, Jellybooks, provided the data from thousands of readers to determine some basic characteristics of how we consume our eBooks. Continue reading “Data Analytics in eBooks: How Readers Read”

Technology Addiction: Five Steps to Unplug from the Digital World and Get Back to Writing

cut out technology and get back to writingAre you addicted? Did it start long ago with your “Crackberry?” You remember, people were running around with a “Blackberry” glued to their face. It was email — 24/7.

We had no idea what was coming.

Now it’s the smartphone — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email. Everything demands our attention. And, it’s not just our mobile device. You sit typing away at the laptop or desktop and you’re looking for that opportunity to check your email or look at updates on Facebook.

How do you know if you are addicted? Continue reading “Technology Addiction: Five Steps to Unplug from the Digital World and Get Back to Writing”

Facebook Page Updates: Spring 2016

facebook logoAccording to Facebook, over a billion people visit Pages each month. A while back, Facebook announced a new communication feature attached to Pages. In the past, the only way to respond to comments on your Facebook Page was to “Reply” back in the comments. Now, Page admins will be able to respond to comments privately.

Facebook announced this feature way back in August of last year, but apparently, it took a while to launch. In February, they finally made the feature available to the masses. So what’s the hoopla all about? Continue reading “Facebook Page Updates: Spring 2016”