Do You Deserve a Break Today?

books and computerWe writer types are a fine bunch. We write. We write about writing. We write about what others say about writing. We write about the fact that writing makes us authors … and then we write some more.

Recently, Martin Crosbie wrote about writing words—lot’s of them—every day.

I respect what Martin does and he is certainly a leader amongst our Indies Unlimited family and beyond. His example is inspiring and sets the bar for what us writer types should be doing. Continue reading “Do You Deserve a Break Today?”

Change … Embrace It

clear cut forestChange … it’s inevitable.

What we do with it makes the difference.

Around every corner, we experience change. It could be as simple as a detour sign on your way to a destination or as complex as moving across the country.

Us writer types, well, sometimes we don’t handle change very well. We need our writing space, our coffee/tea, our M&M’s and whatever else gets us through our writing sessions. Most of us need our routines or we lose all productivity.

As with anything, we need to look at change with the right eye. Have you ever driven through vast forested areas and seen blocks of trees wiped out—looking like a patchwork pattern throughout the wilderness? Our first reaction is, “How can they do this to this beautiful area?” Continue reading “Change … Embrace It”

Six Things to Avoid if You Want Success

success-Throughout my life, I’ve been lucky enough to hang around million-dollar athletes, history-making attorneys, world-famous musicians, and friends that you never heard of who change people’s lives for the better every day. The common bond between all of these people is the ability to live life to its fullest on their own terms.

While there is no secret to success, I’ve tried to learn from other successful people who have entered my life, even if only for a minute or two. Today, I’m sharing a few of those lessons. The universe offers boundless rewards and only your own thinking and behaviors can determine how much of it you reap. I’m not saying that I’ve perfected all of these, but I have witnessed the result of both positive and negative influences. Continue reading “Six Things to Avoid if You Want Success”

It’s Thanksgiving—Enough Already

Thanksgiving a time to be thankfulIt’s Thanksgiving this week here in the United States. I’m going to use this occasion to bring up something that has been eating at me a little bit lately. You could call this a bit of a rant, although I’m not much of a ranting type of person.

Please, can we all change our attitude a little bit? As I weave my way through the world of self-publishing and writing, I hear way too much complaining. Enough already! Continue reading “It’s Thanksgiving—Enough Already”