The Secret Key to Using Twitter That Most Authors Overlook

Lauren SapalaGuest Post
by Lauren Sapala

It seems like every writer is on Twitter these days. We know that social media can be a powerful tool to help us network, sell books, and raise our prospects of becoming a household name. But most authors report dissatisfaction with their Twitter experience. They don’t see a significant increase in sales, or their fan base, and they end up wondering if it’s even worth their time to be on Twitter at all. But Twitter is not to blame. What’s really happening is that authors are missing a key piece of the puzzle. Continue reading “The Secret Key to Using Twitter That Most Authors Overlook”

Unraveling Social Media Confusion for Beginners

social media guru Sydney SchottGuest Post
by Sydney Schott

When talking about social media, I think most people are unsure as to what they’re supposed to be doing. Sure we know the basics, but what about the finer details? We all want to learn the secrets to actually being successful in this area of promotion, don’t we? It can be a struggle to stand out from the ever-growing crowd using social media programs, but learning how to use them can increase your fan base — and mailing list — significantly. Right now, I’m just going to cover the basics. Continue reading “Unraveling Social Media Confusion for Beginners”

Should you have Klout?

I’ll try to make this short and to the point. I’m going to talk briefly about something that is either (A) a worthless timewaster or (B) the next big thing.

As always, I’ll put out my disclaimer— I’m not an expert in Klout. I happen to toy with it and, more or less, actively participate. Behind the scenes here at Indies Unlimited, there were discussions as to what, who, how and why of Klout, so here we go. Continue reading “Should you have Klout?”