Authors Are Paying for Ads and Their Books Aren’t Being Seen

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Several authors have reported to IU that they’ve had disappointing sales after paying for an email advertisement, only to find their book didn’t show up in emails sent to recipients using a few of the big web-based book promotion services. Why not? Because companies like Gmail cut off emails they consider too long. So, here’s a typical scenario an author has reported to IU: Continue reading “Authors Are Paying for Ads and Their Books Aren’t Being Seen”

How My Novel Became a #1 Bestseller

bestselling author virginia grayGuest Post
by Virginia Gray

My goals in writing The Carrot were that it be seen and read, but after nearly a year of posting, sharing, tweeting and pinning and Google Plussing, hoping to catch a reader’s eye, I found my novel drearily hovering around an Amazon sales rank of 200K (I don’t even want to talk about B&N, Kobo, or iBooks). After perusing some interesting blogs, banging my now concussive head against the social media marketing wall, and discussing strategies with other authors, I decided to do what all major publishers do: pay for advertising. Continue reading “How My Novel Became a #1 Bestseller”

Author #Hashtags and #Brand and #Content, Oh My!

author overwhelmed social media facebook-695108_640For several years now, I have struggled to learn what I need to know as an author in order to get my books under the eyes of those who might enjoy reading them. How do I find and use the advice of the experts and other authors to my best advantage? What can I devote more time to and what needs to fall by the wayside?

New methods of promotion come to us daily from an increasing variety of sources, all of them touted as the latest, greatest avenue for self-promotion and sales. Continue reading “Author #Hashtags and #Brand and #Content, Oh My!”

Planning for Author-Entrepreneur Success

Jeff Bezos' iconic laugh does not endorse this post.
Jeff Bezos’ iconic laugh does not endorse this post.

I’m starting this post with an embarrassing admission. My original post — brilliant, ground breaking, and written late at night after several days working my day job at a local luxury retailer — has gone missing. I would like to say that I suspect nargles, à la Harry Potter, but more than likely I deleted it when I powered down my computer.

You probably wouldn’t have wanted to read it anyway. It was my business and marketing plan for 2015 and some of the more creative highlights included: Continue reading “Planning for Author-Entrepreneur Success”

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