The Twitter Twelve

twitter-birdThe amount of time we spend on social media can be daunting. With Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so much more, it’s nearly impossible to get in, get out and get on with what you’re really supposed to be doing.

Twitter is an integral part of most of our social media strategies; however, like the other platforms, it’s easy to get caught up in the “social” aspect of the platform. Try this system to spend less time managing Twitter. Continue reading “The Twitter Twelve”

How to Create an eMail List from Your Blog


Last week we wrote about how you can stand out in a crowd with e-mail marketing. Is e-mail marketing just another time-suck to prevent you from doing your real work? You have to answer that for yourself. However, the latest research has shown that e-mails have twice as many conversions than search or social.

This is a great tool, but the first question most people have is, “How do I get an e-mail list?” Continue reading “How to Create an eMail List from Your Blog”

Thank You for Being a Friend

A.K.A Carol Wyer

At school I was never going to be the British equivalent of the Prom Queen but thanks to being the class clown and being able to make people snort with laughter even during lessons (I’ll save how I did that for another time) I had my fair share of friends. I was not however, as popular as blonde haired, perfectly formed Mary Rose, who was admired by every girl in the school, lusted after by every hot blooded male and doted upon by every teacher.

Decades later I find myself in a similar position. No, I have actually managed to pass through school. I am talking about social networking sites, particularly Facebook. I have quite a few friends on Facebook but as far as my fan page goes, well I am not as popular as J K Rowling who has 1,117,211 ‘likes’. In fact I am some way off. Continue reading “Thank You for Being a Friend”