Tuesday Tutorial: StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon LogoI’ve been a member of StumbleUpon (SU) for years now. I can’t remember how I found it, but it seemed to me a good place to spread the word about my blog posts. SU (no, no relation to IU) now has over 25 MILLION members, or Stumblers, as they call them, making it a platform worth exploring. Continue reading “Tuesday Tutorial: StumbleUpon”

Goodreads: Good, Great, or Necessary Evil?

goodreads logoIf your book is on Amazon.com, there’s a good chance it’s already on Goodreads. Here at Indies Unlimited, we have lots of great articles explaining how to best use what Goodreads has to offer. These include advertising, give-aways, Listopia, a Goodreads for Beginners article (running October 13, 2014) and more. Have a question about Goodreads? Drop us a line through the contact form and we’ll have one of our experienced staff authors check it out. Thanks for visiting Indies Unlimited.