Goodreads Expands Giveaways to Include eBooks

goodreads ebook winnerFor years, indie authors have wished that Goodreads would diversify its popular giveaway program to include eBooks as well as paperbacks. Now, at last, Goodreads is moving slowly in that direction. It announced a pilot project for Kindle eBook giveaways last month.

The Goodreads program is sort of like the one offered by its corporate overlord, Amazon, but sort of not. With the Amazon program, you pay upfront for as many copies of your Kindle title as you would like to give away and how you would like them awarded (every third entrant, randomly, etc.), and Amazon takes care of pushing the content down to your winners’ Kindles. Continue reading “Goodreads Expands Giveaways to Include eBooks”

Goodreads: Good, Great, or Necessary Evil?

goodreads logoIf your book is on, there’s a good chance it’s already on Goodreads. Here at Indies Unlimited, we have lots of great articles explaining how to best use what Goodreads has to offer. These include advertising, give-aways, Listopia, a Goodreads for Beginners article (running October 13, 2014) and more. Have a question about Goodreads? Drop us a line through the contact form and we’ll have one of our experienced staff authors check it out. Thanks for visiting Indies Unlimited.

What’s Goodreads Good For? by Laurie Boris

Author Laurie Boris
Author Laurie Boris

Last year, I attended a workshop given by a local published author on how to promote your book on social media. “Goodreads?” she sneered, in response to an audience member’s question about the site. “I don’t know anyone who’s on Goodreads.”

Uh…well, there are LOTS of people on Goodreads. And they love books. I mean, seriously love books. Some members of this community read hundreds of books a year. They talk about them. Review and rate them. Many blog about them.

Yeah, Goodreads can be buggy, like so many other social media sites, and isn’t the most intuitive place out there. But its many features outweigh the occasional glitch. For one, you can maintain a “bookshelf” of books you’re reading, have read, and plan to read, so you can make friends based on common interests and favorite books or authors. You can join a multitude of groups and grow into the community. Participate in a book club, and read and comment on the selection of the month. You can become “fans” of your favorite authors and follow their reviews and blogs. Continue reading “What’s Goodreads Good For? by Laurie Boris”