Always Look On the Bright Side of Life

A few weeks ago I was out shopping with my husband when we came across a card. It made my husband guffaw. On it was written:

Dear Optimists,

If you continue to look always on the bright side, you’ll eventually go blind.


The Pessimists.

It summed us both up perfectly. I always believe something good will happen, while my husband believes that the worst will always occur, and is bemused by my perpetual optimism. Continue reading “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life”

How to Write a News Release

Back when I was a journalist, I saw more attempts at eye-catching news releases than you could shake a stick at. Releases in color-coordinated folders, accompanied by a pile of color brochures on slick paper. Releases accompanied by little giveaway items, like a pen or paperweight graced (of course) with the sender’s corporate logo. Sometimes we’d get really good swag, like a t-shirt or a CD, with a news release.

But tchotchkes don’t make a story newsworthy. If you want a reporter to do a story about your announcement or event, the only thing you have to send is a good news release. (I’m using the term “news release” instead of the more common “press release” because I worked in broadcasting, and broadcasters – ahem – don’t have presses.) Continue reading “How to Write a News Release”