18 Tips for Authors to Build Relationships with Email Subscribers

Most advice for writers includes the concept of building an email list to forge a relationship with readers and to promote future releases. If you go to most author websites, there is typically some mechanism to join their email list. However, if you’re on the email list of hundreds of novelists (like I am), you’d be shocked at how seldom writers make contact. Most readers would be lucky to get one or two emails a year from an author (at best).

Ironically, it seems as if most novelists just don’t know what to write when it comes to contacting their list. Many resort to writing about writing (yawn) or sharing too much about things unrelated to their work (politics, their kids, their health problems, etc.) — neither of which are of much interest to most readers.

So, what kind of information should you send to your email list in order to nurture those relationships to sell more copies of your next novel and your backlist?

Here are some ideas… Continue reading “18 Tips for Authors to Build Relationships with Email Subscribers”

How Can I Gain More Subscribers for My Author Mailing List?

newsletter subscribers people-2588620_640Ah yes, the question that so many of us toss and turn at night trying to answer: How do I get more subscribers for my newsletter? We’ve figured out how to use Mailerlite or Mailchimp of some other mail delivery service, now how do we find readers who want to hear from us? Here are a few ways the IU staff builds their subscriber lists. Continue reading “How Can I Gain More Subscribers for My Author Mailing List?”

YouTube and Amazon: Gain Exposure by Using Both

author email marketing email-1346077_960_720It’s becoming evident that newsletters are a valuable tool for authors to have. Shawn Inmon recently discussed the importance of newsletters, and one of the things he said was, “The reason why is simple: You control how and when you access a mailing list, as opposed to investing everything into working the Amazon or social media algorithms.” That really resonated with me, so I decided it was time for me to take his advice seriously. Continue reading “YouTube and Amazon: Gain Exposure by Using Both”

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