Are You Prepared For Your Launch?

rocket-launch-67641_640You’ve got a new release coming out and you want it to be a massive hit. You’ve arranged a publicity campaign and told everyone about it, sorted various events, planned a big online launch party and sent emails to the press. You’re pumped and geared up to launch this baby way into orbit. Just before you go racing off in a frenzy of activity, take a moment to read this little post. Publicity is good. You need publicity, but alone it is one small part of a bigger strategic plan necessary to give a book and author a better chance for significant sales.

While book publicity plays an important role in creating awareness, there are several factors that positively or negatively impact book sales in spite of your valiant efforts. In order to have the best possible chance of attracting media attention and potential book buyers, authors need to consider doing the following to set books up for the greatest chance of success. Continue reading “Are You Prepared For Your Launch?”

How to Hook the Media by Sabrina Sumsion

Sabrina Sumsion
Author Sabrina Sumsion

As a publicist, I’ve had several people ask me for tips on gaining publicity in the media. One of my responses was always “you have to get the media’s attention”. No matter how amazing your press release, without a hook that catches the media’s attention, forget interviews and coverage. Your job is to reach out and grab the media by the nose hairs!

Here are some tips to help get their attention:

Tie Into Current Events in the Media. Watch the media and see what they are talking about. Find a way to put a unique spin on the story with your expertise. When the Hudson River emergency plane landing occurred, one of my clients was contacted by Fox News almost immediately because the media discovered his book about a similar crash in 1974 online. Be aware of breaking events and contact media IMMEDIATELY if you can tie in to the story with a unique spin. Continue reading “How to Hook the Media by Sabrina Sumsion”