Publish or Perish: by Special Guest, Author Chicki Brown

Author Chicki Brown

Nine years ago I started writing knowing absolutely nothing about the craft or the industry. Even though I had been an avid reader since grade school, I was totally oblivious as to how my favorite authors created the tales that kept me mesmerized for endless hours.

Thanks to a job layoff in 2002, it didn’t take long for writing to become an obsession. I wrote eight to ten hours a day. In the ensuing months and years, I read everything I could get my hands on about the craft and trolled the Internet for up-to-date information on the publishing industry. Continue reading “Publish or Perish: by Special Guest, Author Chicki Brown”

Sneak Peek: “Accountable to None”

Today, we get a sneak-peek from Ashley Fontainne’s book, “Accountable to None.” If you missed her awesome book trailer, you can see it here. “Accountable to None” is available from Amazon.

Audra was a brilliant CPA that for years, worked the grueling hours her job demanded as she made her way from lowly grunt auditor to a minority partner at a prestigious accounting firm located in the southwest. She learned too late that to become part of the ‘elite’ at Winscott & Associates required much more than she was willing to give. Glorious revenge, the dish known as best served cold. Audra Tanner has waited for five years to invite her unwitting guests to her feast of just desserts and now her dinner party approaches. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: “Accountable to None””