Review Revue

Annarita reviews “Outcome” by Barbara Ebel

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Boekie’s Book Reviews gives 4 stars to “Sweet Light” by Jen Wylie

Jonathan Gould’s “Doodling” earns high marks from Cath ‘n’ Kindle

Sue Palmer reviews my book, “Upgrade” (Awesome!)

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Getting Romance Right: by Special Guest, Author Victoria Howard

Author Victoria Howard

The term ‘romance’ encompasses nearly every existing novel genre and writing romance has long been known as the best place for aspiring writers to enter the writing field. Today’s readers don’t just want boy meets girl romances. They want to read a novel where the author skillfully weaves the love story between the protagonists with conflicts, misunderstandings, and obstacles. A story which will keep them glued to the page, desperate to know how the heroine will solve her problem and finally have a meaningful relationship with the hero. Continue reading “Getting Romance Right: by Special Guest, Author Victoria Howard”

Meet the Author: Kimberly LaRocca

Poet/Author Kimberly LaRocca

Poet Kimberly  LaRocca  writes many of her poems from personal experiences.  “I also write poems relating to what I see or read. I can overhear a conversation and one word may stand out and it then turns into a poem. I can write 5-10 poems in one sitting or jot down a word and come back to it a month later and create a poem.”

She has notebooks all around her house containing a few words or a few sentences. “I’m constantly revising what I write and something has to flow a certain way for me to consider it ready for others to read it,” she says.

She finds inspiration everywhere. She may be moved by something she reads or hears, or while watching television or even a movie. “I read quite a bit and I try to read whatever genre I tend to be writing at any particular time. So, if I’m attempting to write poetry I try to read poetry. I usually alternate reading 2-3 books at a time.” Continue reading “Meet the Author: Kimberly LaRocca”

Writing Exercise #3

With Halloween approaching, it’s time to write a little spooky flash-fiction. Incorporating the image of the house, weave a short and scary, eerie, creepy, suspenseful or frightening tale to share in the comments. See if you can deliver the punch in one hundred words or less.