Sneak Peek: Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon, by Erik Gustafson

Today, author Erik Gustafson shares a sneak-peek of his book, “Fall Leaves and the Black Dragon.” This title is available through Amazon or Smashwords.

Willy isn’t your average little boy. He has a horrific past that won’t leave him alone. When he was six, there was a huge fire. A fire that involved his childhood friend, piles of dry leaves and a box of wooden matches.

Secrets that should have burned away have haunted him for years and ruined his childhood. Demons want him dead. Voices beckon to him in the night.

At the brink of insanity, Willy heads back to confront the ghosts of his past. Every step of the way something evil is trying to stop him.

His journey reveals a truth more horrifying than the huge fire he lived through as a child. A truth that threatens many lives.

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Writing Exercise #5

Today we will reverse the usual process. Instead of writing the book then selecting a cover, we’re going to pretend to write a book based on a cover image. The image to the left is your book cover. Based on the cover art, select a title for your book and write a blurb about the story for the back cover.

Most of all, have fun with it!

Sound Advice to Writers from Inknbeans Press

Making the Word Count – by Jo, the Boss Bean

Artist's conception of Jo reviewing manuscript

As long as there has been human history, there have been writers. They are our archivists and our entertainers. They began with charred sticks on the walls of caves and today they’re using pixels and the walls of Facebook to record their ideas, their observations, and their imaginations.

Of course, right behind our first writer and his burning sticks came someone to correct him, monitor him, establish his legal right to write upon that wall, and claim a portion of his profits – probably communicated with a club. And ever since, the publishers and editors have been clubbing writers over the head with rejection letters, requirements, rewrites, restrictive contracts and royalties. Continue reading “Sound Advice to Writers from Inknbeans Press”