Welcome to Indies Unlimited!

chimp at typewriter
File photo of me trying to blog before my wife took pity and helped me.

Welcome one and all to Indies Unlimited, a blog for independent authors and independent readers.

The people have spoken. Nearly one percent of my Facebook fans (as well as some guy I met at a diner) all felt very strongly that I should start a blog – or at least they didn’t strongly object.

This fits well with my plans of total world domination. So now I set forth, following in the footsteps of other rich and famous bloggers like what’s-his-name and that one lady – you know the ones I mean, right? Never mind then.

Anyway, to throw you off the scent of my evil plan, this blog won’t really be about me. I want to keep you distracted by providing the very best entertainment that (no) money can buy. Here, you will find interviews with authors, reviewers and other industry bigwigs. I will continue the photo caption contests here as just a fun exercise to get your creative juices flowing. You’ll also see links, articles, reviews, memorable quotes and all kinds of things to divert and amuse you while I go through your pockets looking for loose change.

For now, it’s a one-man-show, but as soon as I stock up on duct tape and chloroform, I’ll be adding some co-bloggers. In the mean-time go ahead and snoop around. Do come back soon though.