Quality is Job #1 for Indies by Special Guest, Author Terra Harmony

Author Terra Harmony

With the surge in self-publishing over the past couple years, aided and abetted by e-readers, the industry has shifted considerably. The “middle-man,” or at least one of them, has been judiciously removed from the buying chain. Within the entertainment world it is now a phenomenon, not just a trend. It happened with iTunes® in the music industry  and with Netflix®  in the movie industry.  It was just a matter of time before it happened with books.

But with publishing now available to virtually anyone with a computer, has the quality of what we find out there been downgraded? Any book review blogger will say yes. Most Kindle and Nook owners would probably say yes. Continue reading “Quality is Job #1 for Indies by Special Guest, Author Terra Harmony”

Sneak Peek: “That Bear Ate My Pants” (Part 1)

Today, we get part one of a sneak-peek at Tony Slater’s hilarious book, “That Bear Ate My Pants.” This is the tale of one man’s quest to better himself. Whether losing a machete fight with a tree, picking dead tarantulas out of a tank of live ones or sewing the head back on to a partially decapitated crocodile, Tony’s misadventures are ridiculous, unbelievable and always entertaining.

“That Bear Ate My Pants” is available from Amazon. Please also check out Tony’s excellent website.

LANGUAGE ADVISORY: For our more sensitive readers, I must point out that some of the language used in the book tends toward the more colorful end of the spectrum—the sorts of things one might hear said by sailors or a man who just banged his own thumb with a hammer. To protect your delicate sensibilities, I am putting the text below the fold. As for the rest of you adventurers, read on: Continue reading “Sneak Peek: “That Bear Ate My Pants” (Part 1)”