Antrobus Safely in Custody at Indies Unlimited

Author David Antrobus

After a spirited chase, we are pleased to announce that author David Antrobus has been safely apprehended and will now serve a long term of community service writing blog posts and emptying out the hazardous material bins here at Indies Unlimited.

He says that what sets his style apart is his flagrant disregard for any sense of decorum or discipline whatsoever. This means he’ll be a good fit here at IU. David, welcome to the jungle, and remember – every Tuesday it’s all the gruel you can eat at the IU  employee cafeteria.

You can also follow David’s literary exploits at his own blog, but let’s face it – he won’t have time to get into much mischief over there anymore.

David’s book, Dissolute Kinship: A 9/11 Road Trip  recounts a solo car journey he took from the West Coast of Canada to New York City just over ten years ago.


Author: Stephen Hise

Stephen Hise is the Evil Mastermind and founder of Indies Unlimited. Hise is an independent author and an avid supporter of the indie author movement. Learn more about Stephen at his website or his Amazon author page.

17 thoughts on “Antrobus Safely in Custody at Indies Unlimited”

  1. Thank you, all you wonderful familiar faces… and voices in my head.

    Although by adding me to this crack team of international espionage types, do they know how significantly they've lowered the tone?

  2. LOL, this is turning into a family. The kind of family that wears human skin masks and waylays innocent tourists on lonely highways. Firing up the chainsaw now.

    (Thanks for the welcomes, everyone.)

  3. Congrats, David! Besides all that free gruel, think of all the money you'll earn! And the prizes you can give away! And the…well, you get the point. Enjoy yourself. Your audience awaits.

    1. Thanks, Linda. Money? I seem to recall something along those lines once, back when I had a "real" job. Wait, audience? Okay, I just got stage fright. 😉

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