Indies Unlimited Gear Now Available!

I had no idea money was such a big part of being an evil mastermind. I am sick and tired of all the other evil masterminds laughing at me from the safe seclusion of their island lairs while I blog from between two dumpsters. I need parts for my laser death ray, and the distributor doesn’t accept the Discover card.

My first fundraising efforts involved sending the minions out to sell candy door-to-door. Mader was the only one who’d wear the Girl Scout uniform and everyone came back with no candy and no money.

But this—this is an idea too good to fail! By popular demand (meaning someone once mentioned it to me) we are now offering Indies Unlimited gear. You can choose from a whole line of fine products and show your support for Indies Unlimited.Win-win.

Check out the Indies Unlimited Gear Page. Then pick something and buy it. Don’t be a lookie-loo.






Venice – the ideal location for a novel

Venice makes an excellent location for a writer to put inside a work of fiction. It’s not difficult to see why this is. Selecting Venice as one of the places where action takes place when writing a novel solves a number of dilemmas that writers often face.

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, Venice
Santa Maria della Salute - from Wikipedia

How can a location solve a problem?

Well – writers like me try to make their readers imagine vivid scenes, lively action, interesting people and curious things. It is difficult for a reader to visualise a fictional place unless an author describes it minutely. I try to avoid lengthy descriptions, because I find it slows down the action. So how do I inject atmosphere without the words? Well – I use places like Venice. Continue reading “Venice – the ideal location for a novel”