An Author’s Expectations: A Real Christmas Story by Deborah L. Parker

Author Deborah L. Parker
Author Deborah L. Parker

Twas the night before my book came out “published”, and all through my network’s computers not a click was heard, yet even the send noise “swished.”

Like many I waited with anticipation that 19th day in which my POD publisher informed me my book was now “LIVE” to buy on the internet at as well as on my personal link. This was my Christmas in July 2011, with great gifts to be had.

How could I best get the word out about this wonderful news, a miracle in my life? “Oh I don’t want to overload the ordering system,” I mused, so I did a phased email alert to my network of family, friends and organizational connections. Pulling up my group lists, emails went out at 9p.m., then 5a.m., then 1p.m… After all they knew of this forthcoming achievement since I’d sent out pictures of my book’s cover and articles to review, asking for their feedback. Checking the sites for clicks and dollars, I waited and waited. As online sales trickled in, I thought that residual purchases would soon show up as this trusted network of mine spread the word to their networks. Not! Disappointed, I thought back to those days of my youth and wondered why Santa had not come through. Continue reading “An Author’s Expectations: A Real Christmas Story by Deborah L. Parker”

Sneak Peek: James Bagworth’s “Out of the Limelight”

Out of the LimelightToday we have a sneak peek of James Bagworth’s historical murder mystery, Out of the Limelight.

In the bawdy world of 19th century Music Hall, comedians Farrow and Flint find themselves accused of murder. Their struggle to clear their name leads them into a dark world, far from the bright lights of theatre, crossing paths with conspirators, murderers and lovers, and finally leading them to a chilling discovery in the depths of Victorian London.

This is a novel for readers who like their murders lightened with humour; for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Midsomer Murders, New Tricks or Frost.

Out of the Limelight is available for purchase on and Amazon UK. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: James Bagworth’s “Out of the Limelight””

Mind your manners – How not to be a troll…

I guess it was a milestone of sorts. After all my time and effort to get myself and my books recognized, another author hijacked my Facebook author page to post promotion for their book with a link to their page, cover and blurb. I’d never met them or spoken to them. They apparently thought it was perfectly fair to sell their book on my page.

Really? DELETE. Continue reading “Mind your manners – How not to be a troll…”