2012 Anderbo Self-Published Book Award

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2012 Anderbo Self-Published Book Award.

Any currently-available self-published fiction or nonfiction book or e-book is eligible.

The winner receives $500 cash, announcement on the Anderbo web site and publication of a book-excerpt on anderbo.com.

There is a $20 reading fee. Entries must be postmarked by October 15, 2012.

For more information please visit the Anderbo website.

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Indies Unlimited is pleased to provide this contest information for the convenience of our readers.  We do not, however, endorse this or any contest/competition.  Entrants should always research a competition prior to entering.[subscribe2]

Sneak Peek: Stacey Cochran’s The Loneliest

Today we have a sneak peek of Stacey Cochran’s book, The Loneliest:

The LoneliestOne year after the heartbreaking loss of his wife, novelist Jason Roberts discovers a cabin hidden far away from the world in North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains. Jackie, his wife, was far too young to die. Now Jason must come to terms with grief and loneliness.

Under pressure to deliver a new novel, Jason’s mind begins to shatter. He hears voices in the woods, begins seeing children playing in the forest, and starts to lose his hold on reality… as the characters from his latest novel begin appearing in the real world around him. Jason slips into the delusion that he can materialize the very things he’s writing in his book. But the cruelest trick of all comes when he writes Jackie into his story… and is visited by her beautiful, ghostly presence in a cavernous underground lake. For Jason, he must make a decision to join her in the afterlife by taking his own life, or by holding on to the tattered remains of life without his one true love.

The Loneliest is available at Amazon.com and Amazon UK. Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Stacey Cochran’s The Loneliest”

Meet the Author: Kathy Meis

Kathy Meis

Kathy Meis is a writer, editor, and an award-winning journalist. She says her  greatest area of strength as a writer is her ability to take complex ideas and simplify them for a general audience.Curiously, I do just the opposite. That may explain my sales.

“As a journalist, ghostwriter and public speaker for more than twenty years, I’ve written articles, speeches and books on a wide variety of subjects such as green technologies, finance, scientific controversies, politics, the media, publishing, economics, etc. For a content nerd like myself, it has been a great gig. I get to research and write about so many different topics. It has kept my professional writing life very interesting,” she says. Continue reading “Meet the Author: Kathy Meis”

Introducing the Random Inscription Generator

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never held a book signing. It is not the sort of thing I’d likely do anyway. First off, I have the penmanship of a toy poodle with a seizure disorder. My handwriting could easily be mistaken for some script in a dead and ancient language, shorthand taken by someone who was drowsing off at the moment, or that of a physician.

More importantly, I think it would be difficult to think of what to inscribe. Just putting your name seems kind of pointless. Otherwise, you could just sit there with a signature stamp. I am told that an interesting and personalized inscription can add value to the book. Most people are going to want something in there they can show off. Continue reading “Introducing the Random Inscription Generator”