Book Cover Design 101 – by Richard Sutton

Richard Sutton

Once you accept that you are now in the throes of marketing a consumer product, the first thing you need to do is get to a bookstore. Several bookstores. On the street, or online, preferably both. Booksellers are the front lines where the battle is met. How books appear “clearly” out of a jumble in the stacks, how special titles jump out at browsers and how they turn browsers into buyers is not magic. It’s careful, calculated packaging design. It is a science that has been around for quite a while now, and even a new author can make use of some of the most important precepts, learning how to be conversant in the lingo.

An effective cover is rarely chosen at random because it’s a nice picture that “reminds me of the story.” Your book is competing with hundreds, even thousands of titles in your genre and reader niche, and sometimes, only the cover will stand between a sale and an unmotivated browser. Continue reading “Book Cover Design 101 – by Richard Sutton”

Featured Author: Kay Darling (Kristina Jackson)

Author Kay Darling

Kay Darling (Kristina Jackson) is an avant-garde author with a soulful style of writing. She believes stories should sing not merely speak. Kay also writes poetry. She reckons one of her ancestors must have been a bard, either that or living in Wales, UK something has got into her soul.

Kay enjoys writing in different genres. She never knows where her plot bunnies are going to take her next.

When Kay is not writing she likes to do other creative things like knit, sew, crochet, spin and bake. Kay describes herself as an ‘eccentric pagan who is passionate about life.’ Kay has a variety of other interests including tarot, ghosts and history. Continue reading “Featured Author: Kay Darling (Kristina Jackson)”