Video Trailer: Julieanne Lynch’s Walking with Shadows

Author Julieanne Lynch shares the trailer for her Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy/Young Adult novel, Walking with Shadows:

Walking with Shadows is available through Amazon.comAmazon UK, and Barnes & Noble.

Other Influences on Authorial Style – by Joe T Velikovsky

Stephen Hise posted a really great question here about The Influence of Personality on Authorial Style  – and it really got me thinking. I’m paraphrasing now, but Stephen’s (excellent) point was, as an Author – can you put your attitude towards the world into your Storyworld? (i.e. Optimist, Pessimist, Skeptic, Cynic or Realist/Pragmatist…)

It’s an excellent point! And – in my humble opinion, probably the most important thing about `Voice’ as a writer. But – I also think – it’s incredibly difficult to do—not in the execution but in the publishing.

Allow me to unpack that idea: Continue reading “Other Influences on Authorial Style – by Joe T Velikovsky”

Pitfalls for New Writers

There are many potential pitfalls for new authors. Not for me. Not that I ever was a new author. I was born an old author. Like an older, wiser Hemingway with more of a drinking problem, but without the suicide problem. Still, it is hard for me to watch others make mistakes that I have seen people of lesser worth than myself make.

One thing new authors do is think they are hot shit. This happens a lot. It happened to a friend of mine. He got paid to write at a very young age. He was the hotshot writer in all his classes. Then he moved to San Francisco and got his ass handed to him. Actually, he was still fairly good, but he definitely wasn’t the best, and he definitely didn’t get better until he ate some humble ramen. Continue reading “Pitfalls for New Writers”

Books without Borders – Yonkers

Books Without Borders is a literary event which will be held on the Yonkers Waterfront on June 9th 2012.

Booksellers, Authors, Agents, Publishers, and Designers are all invited. Authors and Booksellers will be selling books. There will be workshops, seminars and panel discussions throughout the day. It is a place for authors and booksellers to promote themselves and their books. This is the event for new authors trying to get noticed by mainstream publishers and agents.

Books Without Borders is being organized by the City of Yonkers, the Yonkers BID, the Yonkers Library System, The Westchester Guardian and Yonkers Tribune newspapers, WGRN Radio and Dennis Sheehan of The Writers Collection.

The event will encompass the area from the Riverfront Library two blocks to and including Ella Fitzgerald Park. There will be live music at several locations within the event boundaries. Local restaurants are participating and hosting signings for featured authors. For more information, please visit the event posting on Goodreads.

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