Freebie Friday Free-for-All!

Welcome to another edition of  “Freebie Friday Frenzy” – our celebration of free e-books!

We’ve selected five freebies and one bonus book from yesterday’s postings and you’ll find them below. Five free books? On a Friday no less? Damn straight. We adore alliteration here at Indies Unlimited. And don’t you forget it. So click on the links below and get your free e-books today!

“The Seanachie” by Gerry McCullough

Are you Irish? Got some Irish roots? Then here’s a present right before St Patrick’s Day

“The Emerald Quest” by Renee Pawlish

A long-lost emerald, a missing treasure map, and a wealthy villain combine for an action-packed adventure!


“The Counterfeit” by Tammie Clarke Gibbs

Homespun meets action-packed in a case of mistaken identity.


“The Card” by Jim Devitt

A suspenseful YA/Teen novel that blows the lid off of scientific advancement, in a story of breathtaking action and suspense.

“Dreamscape” by Carrie James Haynes

The time has come for Ramona to face her fear, her past, and walk the path destiny has chosen for her. 


The Doll” by J.C. Martin

Horror novelette about a creepy real-life island, Latin American witchcraft, and a sinister doll.

Ed’s Casual Friday: The One-Star Match Game

Heck with it, let’s just have a little fun. Listed below are 26 excerpts from one-star reviews off a popular website. If anyone would care to kill some time before getting back to work on their present MIP (Masterpiece In Progress), try to match them to the books they describe. I’ll post a key later as a comment, and if there is a winner they will receive, and I can’t stress this enough, absolutely nothing. Continue reading “Ed’s Casual Friday: The One-Star Match Game”

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