Congratulations to Author David Antrobus

First Time Dead 3

First Time Dead 3Indies Unlimited staff writer David Antrobus is happy to announce that his short story “Unquiet Slumbers” has been accepted for inclusion in the May December Publications new horror anthology First Time Dead, Volume 3. The book is now available for Kindle on

David has written numerous short stories which loosely belong to the horror/dark fiction genre, but this is his first published zombie story. It is the post-apocalyptic tale of a suburban soccer mom who gets the virus and, while featuring the familiar gut-churning tropes required by fans of zombie fiction, the slow disintegration of her world is surprisingly lyrical and poignant, yet still gory.

For more information on David Antrobus, visit his blog or the Indies Unlimited staffΒ bio page.



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23 thoughts on “Congratulations to Author David Antrobus”

  1. Congratulations David! I'm no horror fan but if your short story is as well written as your posts here then I'm sure that this success will be the first of many!

    cheers πŸ™‚

      1. It's hard to find something beautiful within the classic zombie tropes but I think movies and TV have hinted at it recently, both on the large and on the domestic scale. I went for the domestic here. I'm pretty sure I got the idea of a family torn apart by one member becoming infected, especially the mother, from The Walking Dead, in fact.

        From there, you can use all the familiar settings and scenarios, up the gross-out factor, yet still be aware of the core sadness as one person becomes gradually more isolated (by necessity) from her loved ones, yet fights to retain whatever you call that that human spark.

        Oh, and I made her a high school English teacher so I could allow her thoughts some of the aforementioned lyricism. Hence the title, too, as she'd know the Wuthering Heights reference. πŸ˜‰

        Apologies for the length, I should probably have blogged this, but you got me thinking, Krista. About how lyrical, poignant and (lets call it what it is) extreme violence can coexist in a 3000 word story.

  2. All of the above–I hate being redundant and they've about covered it!

    Hope this bring LOADS of new fans seeking out everything Antrobus.

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