Video Trailer: Prisoners of the Williwaw

Prisoners of the WilliwawFrank Villa has everything he asked for. He wrote a book proposing that the government give him and other convicts an abandoned island in the Aleutians. Let their families accompany them, with no more welfare checks, and no more three squares and a cot. They’re on their own. The government saves millions and Frank gets his freedom, except for the Coast Guard keeping them all on the island.

The native Aleuts know the Aleutians better. A fierce wind, called a Williwaw, roams the islands, tearing down the works of man. Now Williwaw is trying to drive Frank off the island with rain and snow eighty-five percent of the time. And this god gets a lot of help from Boss Gilmore, another convict, who’s eager to pocket whatever money the men have. Gilmore opens a bar and a house of prostitution, he sells drugs and weapons.

Convicts hate cops, but that’s exactly what Frank needs – a cop, law and order. If he fails, it’s back to prison for the rest of his life.

Prisoners of the Williwaw, the action/adventure novel by Ed Griffin, is available from and Amazon UK.

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4 thoughts on “Video Trailer: Prisoners of the Williwaw”

  1. the trailer works on the administrators site, but not on the one for the average person. There is no link to play the trailer
    Thank you
    Ed Griffin

  2. Your daughter has done a great job, Ed …am tempted to give her an exclamation point! The music teases your interest and sets an appropriate mood. The video tempts me to get the book out again and have another good read. : )

    Mary Brown

  3. The williwaw is a metaphor for so many things in Griffin’s novel. This video trailer complements the tension and feelings of desolation and frustration Griffin portrays. Great music choice.

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