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Cantwell-SwanSongRhyn, a Wolleni depressed over the death in childbirth of his beloved half-Tslyddi wife, is ordered by the king to marry his wife’s sister. But Eva becomes jealous of Rhyn’s children and plots to turn them into swans. The spell goes awry; the children are only partially transformed. Worse, they must spend 900 years in their new shapes, and they may never be normal again. But at least they can still sing.

Based on an Irish tragedy, SwanSong is the story of how Neeve, Kennet, Corwin and Kyl cope with their transformed bodies in a world where magic is dying.

SwanSong, the young adult fantasy by Lynne Cantwell, is available from, Amazon UK, Smashwords, and other online retailers.

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4 thoughts on “Video Trailer: SwanSong”

  1. Your book sounds intriguing. Is the overall mood of the story sad? Would children like the book? And yes, the cover is beautiful. Did you design it? I see your trailer is from Animoto. Did you create yourself?

    1. Thanks for asking, Kathy! A friend who’s a graphic artist designed the cover for me. I made the trailer myself.

      The ending is sad — after all, the story is based on one of the three great Irish tragedies — but I like to think that a fair amount of the book is uplifting. 🙂 There’s no sex and only a little violence, so I would say it’s appropriate for kids.

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