Get More Eyes On Your Tweets

5 Ways to get more Twitter InteractionsLast week we wrote about the Twitter Twelve—minimizing the time it takes to effectively use Twitter. This week we’ll focus on getting your Tweets noticed. Here are some simple steps you can take to get more visibility on Twitter and grow your platform.

1. Be Yourself – As with any platform, keep it real. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. You see all kinds of Tweets out there. You don’t have to mimic others. The social media world will recognize a fake faster than the lifespan of a single Tweet (which isn’t very long.)

2. Get Personal with Retweets – When we share, we tend to click the Twitter share button and hit “Tweet.” This is a time effective way to engage, however, take a moment and add a question like, “Does this happen to you?” or “What do you think?” People are more apt to engage when asked a question. Or, you can add a comment like, “Must read for writers.” Continue reading “Get More Eyes On Your Tweets”

Featured Book: Postcards from Mr. Pish (Vol3)

MR PISH EAST COAST EDITION_Postcards from Mr. Pish (East Coast Edition)
by K.S. Brooks
KidLit, Children’s books, educational
Available from Amazon.

The lovable Jack Russell Terrier leads readers on an expedition down the East Coast of the United States in Postcards from Mr. Pish Volume 3. With each new discovery, the traveling terrier sends a postcard with full-color photographs and engaging text geared to promote outdoor learning and literacy. A 2013 BigAl’s Books & Pals Readers Choice Award Nominee.

“For any kid with an adventurous spirit, a love of animals, and a sense of humor, this book is certain to delight.” – Scott M.

Mr Pish East Coast Page 22

New Author Names Dominate the Indies Unlimited 2014 Weekly Flash Fiction Competition

Lightning signTwo-thirds of the winning weekly Flash Fiction stories were penned by authors who were not part of the 2013 list of winners.

After twenty-eight weekly competitions, fourteen new authors will be included in the next Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Anthology. There were a total of twenty-one authors, but only seven are repeat authors from 2013. Regardless, all twenty-one will be included in the next edition, along with any new winners during the balance of this year.

This competition is open to anyone who would like to enter the competition. Each Saturday, Indies Unlimited posts a picture by award-winning author and photographer K. S. Brooks, along with a short written prompt by five-star author Stephen Hise.

This weekly competition continues to grow year after year, and is an excellent way for independent authors to demonstrate their writing skill to a growing reader network. Continue reading “New Author Names Dominate the Indies Unlimited 2014 Weekly Flash Fiction Competition”