Video Trailer: Postcards from Mr. Pish East Coast Edition

MR PISH EAST COAST EDITION_Mr. Pish, the lovable Jack Russell Terrier, leads readers on an expedition down the East Coast of the United States in Postcards from Mr. Pish Volume 3. With each new discovery, the traveling terrier sends a postcard with full-color photographs and engaging text geared to promote outdoor learning and literacy. Mr. Pish’s enthusiasm inspires young and old to read, explore and learn in a fun way.

Postcards from Mr. Pish: East Coast Edition is the fourth book in the Mr. Pish Educational Series promoting outdoor learning and literacy. It is available in print, and as an eBook from, Amazon UK, Smashwords, and other online retailers.

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The Good and the Bad of Being a First-Time Self-Published Author

Lorraine RegulyGuest post
by Lorraine Reguly

This post is for all you writers out there who have the dream of becoming a self-published author.

As a recent self-publisher, I wanted to share a few things – bad and good – about my experience. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did during my journey. I want you to easily attain your dream. Continue reading “The Good and the Bad of Being a First-Time Self-Published Author”