LinkedIn Fest

Don’t know how to find your URL? It’s easy. Click profile and see the screen shot above.

We don’t hear too much about LinkedIn these days, but despite that – it’s still going strong. Especially with the widespread dissatisfaction over diminishing visibility on Facebook – LinkedIn may end up picking up some of that slack. So come on down and join in the LinkedIn like-fest!

This is how it works: If you are an author, publisher, publicist, literary agent, book reviewer, librarian (or especially a book-lover), etc., in the comments below, paste in the link for your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you show some love to the profiles in the comments above yours, and check back throughout the day to catch up. to get your ID, merely go to your profile and copy the link next to the BIG pink arrow in the picture above (i.e. –

Click on the person’s link in the comments section below, and you will go to their profile. Then click CONNECT. (See photo below.)

This should be fun and should generate a lot of exposure for everyone who plays. Let’s get the party started!

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48 thoughts on “LinkedIn Fest”

    1. Hi. Yvonne, when you click, the wording doesn’t work as a link, but if you cut and paste, the wording does take you to your profile.

      Cheers – Katy

    1. Won’t let me connect without your e-mail address. Maybe I should try something different.

          1. I’m so new to LinkedIn, I’m sorry… Did I input my website profile link incorrectly? ;-/ ill when I click on it, it takes me to it…

          2. @Vicki. If you join some writing groups on LinkedIn like Book Marketing, you will find lots of info there to help you learn and will make it easier for members of that group to connect with you. I’m in several writing and social media groups and they are very helpful.

          3. Thanks, Richard! I’ve joined several, but still learning. My problem is I use my iPhone more than my computer, which limits access sometimes. My fault, haha!

    1. OK, this got me to you. I’m not sure why but I had to click on the “Message” button to bring down the list of options, one of which was “connect”. But I’m letting folks know that that will work. 🙂

  1. Note: I can’t connect without providing personal information about the person I’m inviting, such as his/her email address. How did the rest of you find your way around this issue? Thanks, Linda

  2. Sorry, I was a little slow on responding and a lot of you had already connected with me. I got those who haven’t.

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