Indie Reads – August 2014

Indies Unlimited does not review books, but we do have a couple of renowned reviewers on staff. We thought a great way to celebrate indie writing would be to ask those reviewers for their top indie picks of the month. Here are this month’s top picks from our experts:

NightUndone Award 120x177Night Undone
by K. S. Brooks

“Brooks just knows how to keep you glued to the pages. … I’m Night-obsessed.”

Read the rest of the review by Cathy Speight.

Night Undone is available through

the awful messThe Awful Mess by Sandra Hutchison

“……an engrossing, well written story. It’s made more so for being so easy to believe it could really happen. I just hope it doesn’t happen to anyone I know.”

Read the rest of the review by Big Al.

The Awful Mess is available on

Shadowline DriftShadowline Drift by Alexes Razevich

“I’d strongly recommend reading the Amazon sample. If you enjoy how the story starts, I don’t think you’ll regret reading through to the end.”

Read the rest of the review by Pete Barber.

Shadowline Drift is available through

Mischief in ItalyMischief in Italy by Beate Boeker

“If you are looking for a quick, lighthearted, enjoyable read, I highly recommend this book. It will leave a smile on your face.”

Read the rest of the review by ?wazithinkin.

Mischief in Italy is available at

A Man AloneA Man Alone by David Siddall

“This is an excellent novella full of excellent characters and a situation that ramps up the pressure on the protagonist….”

Read the rest of the review by Keith Nixon.

A Man Alone is available through

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