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SunstrikeSunstrike: The Journey Home
by Bev Robitai
3.8 average rating from 5 reviews
353 pages

Bradley Brown knows how to make the most of life. At 22, he is living the dream working as a dive instructor at a luxury resort in Bali. But his carefree lifestyle ends when the island’s electricity goes dead. After several days it becomes apparent this is no ordinary power outage. A massive solar storm has wiped out electrical technology across the globe, leaving Bradley stranded a very long way from home.

His thoughts turn to his widowed mother back in New Zealand. Completely out of contact and worried she may need his help, he sets off on a long and difficult journey using any means of transport available. The world is different now; he faces unexpected dangers and treachery, growing up a little more with each new setback.

Will Bradley make it across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand, and will he be ready for what he finds when he gets home?

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Excerpt from SUNSTRIKE: THE JOURNEY HOME by Bev Robitai

Shortly after daybreak Bradley awoke to the sound of a bump against the ship’s stern and jumped to his feet ready to repel boarders. But it was Ward’s face that appeared over the transom, pale and drawn, with red-rimmed eyes squinting in the early sun.

“Remind me not to do that again,” he said, climbing into the cockpit. “And if you ever leave me stranded again without warning I’ll throw you off my ship.”

“Actually I did tell you we were leaving and you said it was OK.”

Ward muttered something incoherent and disappeared below.

Ramiro was next on board, still unsteady on his feet as he pushed past Bradley and went to his cabin. Bradley looked over the stern to see how they had reached the yacht. A small outrigger canoe bobbed about, paddled by a grinning youngster. Marc lay in the bottom of it with his arm across his face.

“One more for you sir,” said the kid. “This one had much to drink eh?”

Bradley climbed down and retrieved Marc from the canoe, hauling him up by one arm until he got his feet under him and took some of his own weight.

“Whass going on? Where are we?”

“Back on board the Northern Star. Come on, it’s time for you to sleep off the rest of that bender in your nice comfy bunk. But don’t sleep past your next watch or Ward will throw you to the sharks.”

“Wha’? Sharks? Where’s sharks?” Marc stared around with unfocused gaze.

“Never mind. Beddy-byes time for a drunken little Aussie boy. Off we go.”

Bradley tossed a few coins to the boy in the canoe and manoeuvred a wobbly Marc down the steps into his cabin.

Once he’d settled him in his bunk he joined Leonie in the saloon.

“I wonder when Ward will surface again so we can get going. I don’t mind stopping for a look round here and there but you’re on a bit of a deadline, aren’t you Leonie?”

“Yeah, too right I am.” She paused for a moment. “What d’you reckon he’d say if I took him a cup of coffee and offered to make breakfast?”

Bradley grinned. “Are you prepared to risk it?”

“Nah. Let’s give him another hour or so, eh?” She ran a hand across her head and made a face. “God my hair feels like crap. I’d give good money for a long hot shower and a bottle of shampoo. But since that’s not going to happen any time soon, do you want to go for a swim?”

“Sure, might as well. I’ll bring my spear-gun and see if I can hunt up something for dinner tonight.”

“Just don’t mistake me for an elephant seal. It’s been so long since I was in a gym I feel like a layer of blubber has formed all round me.”

“Well it doesn’t look like it,” said Bradley. “Your boyfriend won’t see any change, I’m sure.”

“Aren’t you a sweetie,” she said, patting him on the arm. “I didn’t know guys could still be chivalrous.”

The water was refreshing, clear as glass with excellent visibility. They swam round the boat together then Bradley put on his snorkelling gear and dived down to explore the nearby coral heads.

He returned to the yacht with five fat fish, pleased with his hunting success.

As he swam past the bow he saw Leonie lying on the foredeck sunbathing to dry off after her swim. Ramiro stood nearby, his eyes fixed on her smooth golden limbs. His tongue slid out to lick fleshy lips amid his dark beard.

Bradley made a noisy splash to alert him to his presence and called out a cheery greeting.

“Good morning, Ramiro. Did you have a good time last night?”

Leonie’s head came up and she quickly refastened her bikini top.

Ramiro scowled. “None of your damn business, fish boy. Go, swim away with your little gun.”

“No, I’ve got all the fish we need. Here, come and get them, would you?”

Bradley held up the loop of string holding the fish and waited for Ramiro to take it, forcing him walk to away from where Leonie was lying.

Ramiro came to the rail, leaned over, and took the string. His head was dark against the brilliant sky. He spat wetly onto Bradley’s upturned face and dropped the fish back into the water.

“She’s not your woman,” he hissed. “Keep out of my way or I’ll hurt you.”

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  1. That’s just one very small part of the story. Although this book stands alone, it’s a good idea to read “Sunstrike” first.

    1. Interesting you should say that, Jean. I’ve had another reader say they thought ‘The Journey Home’ should come first. I guess seeing as they cover the same time span it really doesn’t matter. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. I enjoyed this book almost a bit more than the first one, but found both intriguing and thought provoking. Bradleys story is fast paced, conflict driven with some added twists thrown in the mix. I don’t think anyone who wants a well written story with believable characters and a great mission will be disappointed!

  3. Love this story, and Sunstrike is another rollicking read. They both move at the perfect pace, hard to out down. I love how positive the protagonists are, despite the dire circumstances.

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