Google Plus Fall Fest!

google fallfestDespite all the rumors, Google Plus is not going anywhere. So how about we take this opportunity to make some new friends on Google Plus?

This is how it works: If you are an author, publisher, publicist, literary agent, book reviewer, librarian (or especially a book-lover), etc., in the comments below, paste in the link for your Google Plus profile. Make sure you show some love to the links in the comments above yours (by adding them to your circles), and check back throughout the day to catch up.

If you’re not sure what link to post, just find your profile, then copy and paste the URL. It should look something like this: 

This should be fun and should generate a lot of exposure for everyone who plays. Let’s get things moving!

PLEASE be sure to reciprocate by following those who follow you. This is give and take. If everyone plays by the golden rule, we all benefit.

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43 thoughts on “Google Plus Fall Fest!”

  1. I was already following just about everyone on here. I must say all you guys have great photos on your profile page.

    1. Same here. But what is not working for me is when I go to follow and I can’t get back to IU. All right. I figured it out, but some links just take me to Google. Plus, I am already following most everyone.

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