Crafting Your Writer’s Voice: Tense and Person

voice-clipart-clip-art-illustration-of-orange-man-shouting-megaphone-royalty-freeHow do you know when you’ve found your true voice? I write multi-genre, and I discovered a long time ago that the genre, or the story itself, demands the voice. I write softer, more descriptively, when I write romance. I write more directly and tersely with an action/adventure. I also write more directly when my protagonist is male, and more effusively when my protagonist is female. Back in 2013, I wrote more extensively about changing voices here.

But beyond the story suggesting a voice, how do you craft that voice? You do have choices, you know. Continue reading “Crafting Your Writer’s Voice: Tense and Person”

New Indie Releases – November Edition

Tick tock tick – that holiday countdown has begun… Grab your list and check out these hot new indie releases.

Stark Raving Maddie 120x177Stark Raving Maddie by Richard Dela Cruz

Maddie takes a cross-country trip to save her sister from a sexual predator but ends up kidnapped and imprisoned in a creepy basement.

Stark Raving Maddie is available for Kindle and in print from, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon UK.

The Carnarvon Creeper 120x177The Carnarvon Creeper by Martin Murphy

A grieving man’s journey takes a mysterious turn, leading to a terrifying encounter in the remote Australian outback.

The Carnarvon Creeper is available on and Amazon UK.

Searching For Hope book cover 120x177Searching for Hope by Michael Joseph

A mysterious death leads PI Sam Carlisle into a world of dark secrets, shady characters and a family torn apart by tragedy and betrayal.

Searching for Hope is available from and Amazon UK.

????????????????????Rebels Divided by Lance Erlick

Betrayed by their respective régimes, an Outland frontiersman and a Union warrior must overcome mutual distrust to unite in order to survive.

Rebels Divided is available at, Barnes & Noble,and Amazon UK.

Mediterranean Beef Recipes 120x177Incredibly Delicious Beef Recipes from the Mediterranean Region by Vesela Tabakova

Mediterranean beef recipes are amazing. Healthy and delicious Mediterranean beef meals will help you lose weight and improve your health.

Incredibly Delicious Beef Recipes from the Mediterranean Region  is available through and Amazon UK.

How to Sharpen Your Writing Process with NaNoWriMo

image_previewIf you’re wondering why there’s a sudden dearth of writers posting grammar and bacon memes on Facebook this week, you can probably blame NaNoWriMo. Now expanded world-wide and not just for November anymore, National Novel Writing Month was the brainchild of Chris Baty and a few of his friends. These San Francisco writers challenged each other to write a 50K novel (more accurately, a first draft) during one November and the idea stuck. Many writers already hit this quota on a regular basis; some write even more. But if you’ve wanted to attempt a longer story, or if you want to get back into a butt-to-chair routine, the NaNoWriMo challenge could be the perfect exercise for you. Continue reading “How to Sharpen Your Writing Process with NaNoWriMo”