Thoughts from a Newly Converted Draft2Digital User

draft2digital logoWhen I first started self-publishing, the conventional wisdom said to publish direct to Amazon and use Smashwords to distribute to other online stores, such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. But, shortly after I did that, I started hearing about another player in the field, Draft2Digital. Everyone who used D2D described it as wonderful, but I was still hesitant to try something new, so I didn’t.

However, after it took 23 days for Smashwords to implement a price change at one retailer, I was ready to try something new. With my most recent novel, I decided to give D2D a try. And now, I AM IN LOVE.

Not “lust.” Not “infatuation.” Not “really hot for.” But truly, deeply in love. Continue reading “Thoughts from a Newly Converted Draft2Digital User”

Featured Book: Postcards from Mr. Pish (Vol 4)

Postcards from Mr. Pish South & West EditionPostcards from Mr. Pish (South & West Edition)
by K.S. Brooks
KidLit, Children’s books, educational
Available from and Amazon UK.

The lovable Jack Russell Terrier leads readers on an adventure through the charming South and rugged West of the United States in this fourth book of the Postcards series. With each new discovery, the traveling terrier sends a postcard with full-color photographs and engaging text geared to promote outdoor learning and literacy.

Vanity Presses, Scammers, and Thieves, Part 1

scammer“I need to terminate contracts with my publisher,” an acquaintance recently said. “I never get a statement and I haven’t been paid.”

“You should check into my publisher,” another acquaintance said. “Their upfront fees are much lower than most.”


In my self-publishing guide I said, “Hopefully by now it goes without saying that money should flow to the author, not from the author.” But I was wrong. Every week I read another post or article about someone either paying ridiculous amounts of money to sign on with a “publishing” company, or someone who signed with a company they’ve since discovered is a scam.

Because it bears repeating, because publishing scams still swindle naïve authors, and because I’m a graduate of the I Wuz Scammed School of Hard Knocks, a recap: Continue reading “Vanity Presses, Scammers, and Thieves, Part 1”