Featured Book: Zero Anaphora

Zero Anaphora by Luke BrimblecombeZero Anaphora
by Luke Brimblecombe
Genres: suspense, psychological thriller
Available from Amazon.com and Amazon UK

A young woman gives up her career in order to conduct a mysterious social experiment upon an unsuspecting lover. While others are oblivious to her past, a former client is slowly piecing together the clues, but becomes dangerously infatuated with her in the process.

Book Excerpt:

Anna, she was ever a conjecture, a guess, tentative and gambling, adverse to prediction. Beautiful like an uninhabitable planet, a painted snake. Venus fly traps in full bloom, delicious poison.

And so it became a Monday night, calm and no different from any other. He parked his Sedan nearby and marched up to the front of the complex. People came and went around him, oblivious to the magnitude of concern that pervaded the air like equatorial humidity. James punched her room number into the keypad. The intercom buzzed for a moment, then it was Anna’s voice on the line asking him to identify himself, which he did. He was cleared to ascend, legitimately for once. It was a smooth ride to the fourteenth.

What others are saying:

“It has elements of mystery, romance, drama, and even some sexual themes, but delivers something that is more than just the sum of those.” – Hannah, Amazon Reviewer

Indie Publishing: Our Dirty Little Secret

be quietI’ve been attending the annual World Fantasy Convention for several years now, and it’s been interesting to watch the evolution of attitudes about indie publishing there. In 2011, traditionally-published authors were quick to dismiss indies as vanity-published hacks. (I won’t quote chapter and verse; we’ve all heard it before.) In 2012, as I reported back then, the convention organizers put together a panel discussion on indie publishing. That panel was less dismissive of indies – although there were still a couple of “slush pile” comments – and even featured one of the honchos from Kobo Writing Life, which had just launched that summer.

I couldn’t afford the trip to Merrie Olde England for last year’s convention. But this year, the big event was practically in my backyard. So I went with my ears perked up to see what, if anything, had changed over the past two years. Continue reading “Indie Publishing: Our Dirty Little Secret”

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