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sweet ebook deals cakeHere at Indies Unlimited, each Thursday we make it super easy for you to find hot free and 99 cent eBook deals. So jump for joy and then tell your friends to come on over to Thrifty Thursday and check ’em out!

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52 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Sweet eBook Deals”

  1. Moon Signs
    Helen Haught Fanick
    Sisters Andrea and Kathleen go to the Canaan Valley to find family heirlooms; they encounter murder instead.

    Now premanently free!

  2. The Portal & the Panther
    by RA Marshall
    Seventeen year-old Jon Parker wants to escape his sleepy hometown, but when he finds out he’s inherited a shapeshifting ability from his long-dead mother, his life is turned upside-down.

    FREE on Amazon, Kobo, and Play

  3. Life First
    RJ Crayton
    Strong-willed Kelsey Reed must escape tonight or tomorrow her government will take her kidney and give it to someone else.

    99 cents

  4. Almost Perfect (A short story)
    An insolent grandson with special DNA requires a special solution; find out Bitsy’s.


  5. Back From Chaos: Book One of Earth’s Pendulum: $0.90
    By: Yvonne Hertzberger
    An assassin, a young lord, his lady and her maid don’t know it – but the goddess Earth needs them to heal her power and save their world.

  6. Heroes In Uniform: Soldiers, SEALs, Spies, Rangers and Cops: Sexy Hot Contemporary Alpha Heroes
    by Dana Marton, Sharon Hamilton, Cristin Harber, Kaylea Cross, Gennita Low, Nina Bruhns, Caridad Pineiro, Patricia McLinn, Karen Fenech, Toni Anderson, and Lori Ryan
    Ten full-length books and one novella from NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Romantic and Military Suspense Authors.


  7. Grandpa’s Hat
    Jeannie Meekins
    When Grandpa loses his hair and his self confidence, John helps him overcome his fears and face the world.

    99 cents

  8. Sherlock Academy
    F.C. Shaw
    Sherlock Academy has been described as “Hogwarts for Sleuths” or “Harry Potter meets Sherlock Holmes.”

    Grab it today only on Kindle for $0.99

  9. At Odds with Destiny
    Uvi Poznansky
    Each one of the novels in this boxed set is outside the box. Open it at your own risk!

    FREE 06/01/2015-06/08/2015

  10. Uvi Poznansky
    Home. A simple word; a loaded one. You can say it in a whisper; you can say it in a cry. Expressed in the voices of father and daughter, you can hear a visceral longing for an ideal place, a place never to be found again.

    FREE 05/28/2015-06/06/2015

  11. Rise to Power
    Uvi Poznansky
    Here is the story of David as you have never heard it before: from the king himself, telling the unofficial version, the one he never allowed his court scribes to recount.

    $0.99 06/01/2015-06/08/2015

  12. Secrets of Jenkins Bridge
    Donna Shields
    “…starts off fast and never once slows down. Long lost loves, broken hearts, abductions, murder, extortion, this novel has it all and then some.”

    On sale today May 28th and tomorrow May 29th for 99 cents

  13. A Novel Idea
    by Melissa Bowersock
    A collection of the full first chapters of 12 different novels: action, paranormal, romance, fantasy, western, spiritual or satire.


  14. Interior Design for Beginners: A Guide to Decorating on a Budget
    By Alice Cussler
    Learn how to decorate your home on a budget!

    The book price is 99cents and it will stay that way till the end of May.

  15. The Body in the Parking Structure
    by Jerold Last
    A tightly written whodunit murder mystery with a popular locale: Los Angeles, CA.


  16. Debt Free For Life : The Ultimate Guide To Get Out Of Debt Forever
    By Pamela Jones
    A Book That Will Teach You How To Get Out Of Debt And Will Help You Stay That Way Forever!

    The book price is 99cents and it will stay that way till the end of May.

  17. Personal Finance : Budgeting and Saving Money
    By Pamela Jones
    A Book That Will Teach You Step-By-Step How To Create A Budget!

    The book price is 99cents and it will stay that way till the end of May.

  18. 1. The Year of Soup
    2. Howard Reiss
    3. A surprising past paves the way to a future Tess never saw coming.

    5. $0.99 Today through June 3

  19. The Keeper
    R. L. Mosz
    Dr. Chris Seacrest is a perfectionist . . . but when he meets an unassuming, imperfect young patient—he begins to question it all. Life is full of contradictions.

    $0.99 permanently

  20. Roses in December: A Sentimental Romance from the 1970s
    R. L. Mosz
    An untrendy, sentimental, G-Rated love story about a police detective and the troubled girl across the street (who is mistakenly in love with someone else).

    $0.99 permanently

  21. Amadea: One Spring in France
    Michelle Granas
    New release. Unexpected friendships develop in a French village and change lives.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  22. Swans Are Fat Too
    Michelle Granas
    A heartwarming love story between an overweight pianist and a disinherited prince in Warsaw—an Amazon bestseller.

    $.99 this week (free with Kindle Unlimited)

  23. Lifestyle Beats Diet: 4 Fun Steps To Healthy Living, Weight Loss, Fitness And Happiness
    by Change In Seconds
    This guide is for individuals who are tired of looping their lives through a never-ending series of weight fluctuations and disappointments

    FREE on May 28th

  24. Dark Tidings
    by Ken Magee
    Ancient magic meets the Internet. Modern life will never be the same again.

    99c until the end of June

  25. New England Nights, Book 3, Blood & Company
    Linda Lee Williams
    “All God’s angels come to us disguised…” Is Norah the answer to a dying mother’s prayers? Can she learn to love Geoff, a vampire-human hybrid?

    .99 through the Fourth of July

  26. The Savvy Solopreneur’s Guide To Content Creation: For Websites, Blogs and Newsletters
    by Karen Banes
    Your guide to creating content that’s engaging, effective, attractive and shareable.

    99 cents from May 28th through June 3rd at

  27. Into Tolari Space ~ The First Contact Stories
    by Christie Meierz
    Two SF short stories about humanity’s first contact with the mysterious empathic civilization of the Tolari.
    Always FREE!

  28. The President’s Mortician
    by Tim Fleming
    This is a story of how and why JFK’s murder was executed and covered up.
    Free for Amazon Prime members

  29. The Beckoning Sunrise : A Short Story
    By John D Ottini
    What do you do when the love of your life tells you he no longer loves you?

    Price -$0.99

  30. Invest in Love: A Pleasant Surprise
    Paige London
    A random encounter is the start to a young exciting relationship. Not erotic, but full of love!

    This book is currently $0.99 (free for kindle unlimited)

  31. Life Lessons for the Teenage Girl: Quotes, Inspiration and Advice for Women by Women
    Kelly Tonelli
    Raising a teenage girl is hard – being one is even harder!

    $0.99 until 6/15/15

  32. Marcia Gates: Angel of Bataan
    by Melissa Bowersock
    The award-winning true story of a courageous Army nurse and prisoner-of-war.

    Usually $4.99, now 99 cents through May 31.

  33. How to Raise Your Credit Score: Move to financial first class and have lenders beg for your business!
    Avery Breyer
    Change Your Credit Score, Change Your Life

    $0.99 until June 2-nd

  34. To Russia for Love
    Kenneth G. Eade
    Seth’s Russian spy girlfriend disappears while undercover in Ukraine…Spy Thriller

    Free 5/31/2015 to 06/02/2015, then 99-cents until 06/08/2015

  35. Future Proof: Mindsets For 21st Century Success
    Chad Grills
    365 future proof mindsets to better serve and empower us to thrive in the technological age.


  36. Book Title: Treasure Island(Illustrated)
    Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
    A voyage for buried treasure spells trouble for cabin boy Jim Hawkins, who finds himself in the middle of a mutiny with some of the nastiest pirates to ever sail the seven seas.
    0.99usd available 06/12/2015

  37. Roses in December: A Sentimental Romance from the 1970s
    R. L. Mosz
    An untrendy, G-rated love story about a police detective and the troubled girl across the road.

    $0.99 permanently

  38. The Keeper
    R. L. Mosz
    The Keeper is a PG-rated story about a perfectionist doctor and his noncompliant patient.

    $0.99 permanently

  39. Maybury Place
    by Keitha Smith
    New neighbors cause chaos in a tranquil street leading to a revelation of secrets. Think Jane Austen meets Desperate Housewives.

    $0.99 until 8th June

  40. Impossible
    Derrykk Alistarr
    The first short story in the Recursive Time series. Allison Sinclair’s day is bad, but she’ll have to visit last night to save her tomorrows! (Time travel science fiction)

    Permanently $.99

  41. Sea More: Caribbean
    Valerie D. Perry

    A guidebook to Caribbean ports of call by a former cruise ship crew member with bonus behind the scenes content.
    99 cents. Now through Tuesday June 9, 2015

  42. Willakaville
    Mathew Heinecke
    Willakaville is a town full of wild adventures tackled by courageous kids who encounter magic, zombies, time machines, rockets, mystery, mayhem, and giant vegetables.

    .99 cents (indefinite)

  43. Lifestyle Beats Diet: Lose Weight For Life
    author: Change In Seconds
    It’s a fun, positive, exciting ebook featuring TONS of tips to losing weight, getting fit, becoming healthy and more! It works!

    Usually $2.99, on discount at $0.99 until foreseeable future

  44. College or Not?
    by Chad Grills

    Jay Pencha’s senior year is off to a rough start, and he’s not sure what he wants to do with his life.
    $0.99 until June 20th!

  45. Irish Flapper
    Author; by Catherine Stack
    A tale about an Irish immigrant trying to survive and thrive in NYC during the Roaring Twenties

    .99 cents – Summer special ending in September 1, 2015

  46. Subject Alpha
    Romance/time travel
    By: J. Theberge
    Melanie is a history teacher whose best friend Tifa works on a top secret study on a military base. One night, Tofa brings the secret home.

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