The Joy of Being an Indie Author: Using the Brain to Best Advantage

indie author brainThere are a lot of differences between us indies and those who are traditionally-published, not the least of which is the fact that we have to do (or at least arrange for someone else to do) everything involved in publishing and promoting our books. Traditionally-published authors have some or most of that all done for them, although the loss of creative control and the quality of those tasks might take some of the joy out of being cared for. Some indies might bemoan the fact that they have to wear ten hats and take care of all the aggravating details when they’d rather be locked in a room writing. Our RJ Crayton wrote about the miseries of self-publishing not long ago. Clearly, it’s not for everyone. For me, however, it’s the perfect blend. Continue reading “The Joy of Being an Indie Author: Using the Brain to Best Advantage”

A Novel Is Not a Video Game

A novel is not a video gameYoung writers; Tattoo this on the backs of your eyelids and look at it every night before you sleep:


Novels and video games are very different media, and they use very different techniques to create emotions in people. So if you use a plotline that works for a video game in your novel, no matter how exciting a video game it would make, you run the risk that it will leave readers flat. Continue reading “A Novel Is Not a Video Game”

Maybe, it’s the book?

why isnt my book selling primate-460871_640With most ventures, if we try to emulate our more successful peers and mirror their efforts we can sometimes duplicate their successes. This can apply to book publishing too. In darker days, as I attempted to climb the corporate ladder, I was told to dress and act as though I was working at the position above me. Working hard and adopting the habits of successful people can help us succeed. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. We can publish our books, utilize the same formatters, cover designers, and editors that bestselling, self-published authors are using. We can advertise our work on sites that have helped authors hit the USA Today bestsellers list. And, we can connect with readers through the same social networks where top authors spend their time. All of these methods can help us climb to the top of the mountain and sell books. There is one caveat though – you have to have written a book that readers want to read. Without that all-important factor you may briefly achieve some success, but it probably won’t last. Continue reading “Maybe, it’s the book?”