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by Brenda Perlin

As an author, most of us find we also have to be bloggers in order to let the world know about our books. This sort of blurs the lines of what makes a true blogger – and why would someone who is not a writer want to spend the hours it takes to share content? Where are their rewards?

If you have your own blog, you know that it’s a lot of work. And featuring other people on your blog can sometimes turn into a nightmare. But what about getting yourself featured on other blogs? Here are some tips from bloggers to help you do it the right way.

top shelf logoMisty Rayburn is a blogger and not an author. She runs The Top Shelf, which is an ode to her love of reading.

Misty, what do you do to make other bloggers want to feature you on their sites?

I always try to share other blogs I find interesting. Bloggers need to help each other out just as much as authors need to help us out. We are very much in this together.

Do you feature guest posts on your blog at all?

Absolutely! I love having authors, [and others, including readers, other, bloggers, and musicians] on my blog for guest posts Totally fun.

What does an author do that makes you not want to feature them?

When they try to send me a blog post that’s already been shared with at least 5 other blogs. How is that going to bring us readers? They’ve already read it and sure it MIGHT be new to my readers but no blogger wants regurgitated content.

What does an author do that DOES make you want to feature them?

When they give me time to read their work which results in a review.  Then they let me come up with a thoughtful guest blog or set of interview questions.

Does featuring authors help your blog at all?

If it’s regurgitated content, no. It doesn’t help at all. People visit blogs for fresh content.  If you’re an author and you’re sending out the exact same advertising feature promo to 20 blogs, you’re hurting the blogger. We have to HOPE we’re the one you share because nobody out of your readership will go visit the 19 other blogs if you [only] share one. The author gets our readers but we may not [get] theirs.

facing 50 with humour logoCarol E. Wyer is a writer, IU minion emeritus, and has an inspiring blog for women over fifty. What I like about Facing 50 with Humour is that it is up-lifting.

Carol, do you feature guest posts on your blog at all?

Yes, I am always happy to feature guests especially if they are writers or people with a good sense of humour. I believe in passing on the karma and when I first started blogging lots of people gave me the opportunity to write guest posts and get exposure. It’s the least I can do for others.

What does an author do that makes you not want to feature them?

If they are divas! Surprisingly some of them think they’re celebrities and are quite demanding about how the post is presented and want to make changes. I also won’t feature miserable folk. It wouldn’t be possible on a blog that attempts to make visitors laugh!

What does an author do that DOES make you want to feature them?

Be sociable, ask politely and get involved when the post goes up. If they can come along and thank people who have commented, that’s perfect. Those who don’t even visit the blog are not welcome. It’s all about socialising and being nice. Blogging is like being part of a giant community at a party so you should act as you would at a party given by a host.

Does featuring authors help your blog at all?

I can’t say that it has although there have been a couple of occasions when a post on a writer has had more hits than others because the writer has promoted it on social media websites. It tails off almost immediately afterwards though. I have my regulars and I’m happy with that. I’m also extra pleased when sales of the featured writer’s book increase thanks to my followers buying the book. I have had a few very nice emails from writers who noticed a spike in sales that day and that cheers me no end.

Great eight friends logoAnna Salvatore and her friends recently started a food blog, Great Eight Friends inspired by their annual dinner group. Also not authors, these ladies decided to give blogging a go.

Anna, I know you’re just starting out, but what do you think of accepting guest posts?

Yes, we definitely will accept guest posts…Not sure how to make that happen yet, but we do have that in mind.

What would an author have to do to be featured on your blog?

I would LOVE to feature an author who uses food and/or recipes in their novels. And we are very open to suggestions. We are very new to this business. So right now, for us to feature someone, the best way would be for them to leave a comment or message either on the blog or through [our Facebook page]. We could then contact the author. We would want to read some of their books, make sure they have a vibe that we think our audience would enjoy. Once the post is written, it would preferable if the author were amenable to edits from our end.

What could an author do that would make you not want to give them the space on your blog?

If an author’s voice didn’t fit into the vibe of our blog, that would make us not want to give them space. But we would probably know that after reading their books. Also, acting like a jerk would definitely put us off of publishing their material.

Sad to say, but plenty of authors behave in a way that makes bloggers want to head for the hills. I hope this insight from a blogger’s perspective proves helpful to you in your search for new ways to market your books.

Author Brenda PerlinBrenda Perlin is an independent contemporary fiction author of five titles and numerous short stories. From memoirs to illustrated books, Brenda evokes emotional responses in her readers by using a provocatively unique writing style. Her latest book in the Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles captures the soul-wrenching conflicts of a personal struggle for emotional fulfillment. Learn more about Brenda on her website and her Author Central page.

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  1. Excellent advice from all your bloggers, Brenda. I had the pleasure of being featured in an interview on Carol’s blog a few years ago and it was a lot of fun. (It was a chance to let my inner smart-you-know-what loose, which I always enjoy.)

    I’ll also second Misty’s comment about original content. This is important, so that the blog can hopefully get some visits from among your established fans and hopefully pick up a few new regular readers, but also so that the blogger’s regular readers won’t have already seen it (otherwise you get as the guest get no benefit). In addition, running the same content as other blogs hurts you with the search engines. Also, if you have a free Word Press site running too much regurgitated content can actually get you kicked off as a few sites that constantly ran nothing but cover reveals, excerpts, etc as part of blog tours.

    Last, tailor your content to the audience. I know this seems obvious, but I’m amazed at how many authors want to talk about things of concern to authors on blogs that are aimed at readers.

  2. I appreciate your nice comment Al. I agree. Carol is tons of fun. You can’t help but get a laugh from her. She’s the best.

    I am glad you could appreciate Misty’s comment about having original content. I see it so much on blog hops where you read the same thing, being shared over and over. It’s like watching a commercial. It’s not interesting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of search engines. We might be blogging but are not all so tech savvy.

    You are so right about tailoring your content!!!! Sometimes the obvious gets lost on us.

    Happy holidays!

      1. Make sure Mr. Grumpie realizes just how famous you are Carol. What has he done for you lately? 😉

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