Goodreads Expands Giveaways to Include eBooks

goodreads ebook winnerFor years, indie authors have wished that Goodreads would diversify its popular giveaway program to include eBooks as well as paperbacks. Now, at last, Goodreads is moving slowly in that direction. It announced a pilot project for Kindle eBook giveaways last month.

The Goodreads program is sort of like the one offered by its corporate overlord, Amazon, but sort of not. With the Amazon program, you pay upfront for as many copies of your Kindle title as you would like to give away and how you would like them awarded (every third entrant, randomly, etc.), and Amazon takes care of pushing the content down to your winners’ Kindles. Continue reading “Goodreads Expands Giveaways to Include eBooks”

Amazon Giveaways: Now with Ebooks!

Amazon book giveawayAbout a year ago, Amazon instituted a cool feature that allowed anybody who sold anything on Amazon to set up a giveaway on the product page. Unfortunately for indie authors, digital content wasn’t one of the things you could give away. That meant you could set up a contest for free hard copies of your book, but you couldn’t do it for eBooks.

That’s now changed. Last week, KDP announced eBooks may now be used as prizes in Amazon Giveaways. As usual, the Zon is rolling this out to (US) first. So right now, contestants must be residents of one of the fifty U.S. states or the District of Columbia. The person running the contest must have a valid account and a credit card with room to pay for the prizes to be given away. (Yes, sorry, you need to pay for the prizes upfront.) That would seem to indicate that non-U.S. residents can set up a giveaway, but I’m not 100% sure; in any case, your pool of winners is going to be limited to U.S. residents. Continue reading “Amazon Giveaways: Now with Ebooks!”

Sizing Up Book Giveaway Programs

Author Bruce FottlerGuest Post
by Bruce Fottler

Part of an indie author’s quest to obtain reviews (and gain general exposure) will likely include book giveaways. But where do you find them and how do they compare? While I don’t profess to be an expert, I’d like to share my experiences from two (free) sites.

1.  Goodreads is the undisputed king of “social cataloging” sites, with over 40 million members worldwide. They sponsor a giveaway program limited to print books only. There’s no charge for this service, but all expenses associated with it (cost of books, postage, etc.) are your responsibility. I’ve run ten giveaways since 2013 (with one currently running) which offered two or three copies per giveaway. None of my giveaways were promoted and didn’t exceed thirty days in length. My shortest giveaway was ten days.

Results: Continue reading “Sizing Up Book Giveaway Programs”

E-Book Giveaway – One Author’s Aha Moments by Jordan Dane

One Author's Aha MomentsBestselling thriller and Young Adult author Jordan Dane is celebrating her first foray into self-publishing with the release of her first non-fiction title by running an e-book giveaway contest on her Fringe Dweller blog. There are many ways to enter. Visit her blog for rules HERE.

One Author’s Aha Moments is geared toward aspiring authors and has an emphasis on the Young Adult genre. These writing tips may also be helpful to experienced authors and those who write other genres. Jordan’s advice comes from her personal experiences on writing fiction for adult and teen markets and what has worked for her. Jordan hopes her book will kindle a fire in you to write—a passion worth pursuing.

This author craft book covers topics such as: how to get started; an overview of Young Adult fiction themes, voice, and characteristics; how to create characters editors are looking for & how to introduce them and give them a unique voice; a method of plot structure that even a non-plotter can love; how to hook your book; and a chapter on the writer’s life, goal setting, editing, and a word on book promotion. This book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble with print-on-demand coming soon to other retailers through CreateSpace.

Praise for Jordan Dane’s Young Adult Novels

“Adult thriller writer Jordan Dane pens a macabre and thoroughly eerie plot for In the Arms of Stone Angels. Dane’s well-developed characters provide an authentic young adult exploration of guilt, loyalty, and belonging.” —Publishers Weekly

“Dane’s On a Dark Wing is a great new young adult tale about death, love and starting over. It’s an exciting mix that will remind readers of Bree Despain’s The Lost Saint and Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers. Paranormal fans will love this. A compelling page turner.” —Romantic Times Magazine

For more on Jordan, visit Good luck!