Sneak Peek: Grannies, Guns and Ghosts

Today we have a sneak peek from the new book by Madison Johns: Grannies, Guns and Ghosts.

In the sequel to Armed and Outrageous, Grannies, Guns and Ghosts, Agnes Barton and sidekick, Eleanor Mason, return. This time around there is a paranormal theme as East Tawas, Michigan, is overrun with ghost sightings. Even the death of a recent heir to the Butler fortune is blamed on a ghost.

Agnes’ flame, Andrew Hart, is nowhere to be found. That is until he is spotted with a mysterious woman. Who is she and what is going on with Eleanor’s flame known only as Mr. Wilson? It is enough to shake any senior aged woman’s belief in romance to the core.

This book is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, and Smashwords.

Here is an excerpt from Grannies, Guns and Ghosts

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Sneak Peek: Dangerous Ally

Today we have a sneak peek from the romantic suspense novel by author Michelle Grey: Dangerous Ally.

Lacey Jordan is in a life or death race to save her kidnapped father, but she’s on the outside looking in on an industry where everyone knows everyone and someone’s discovered her father’s secret. To have a shot at getting her father back she needs an ally, and her best option is the one person she’d hoped to never see again. Caleb Mansfield, her father’s former protégé and her former lover, broke her trust and her heart years before. Can she trust him now? And with Caleb back in her life, can she trust herself?

This book is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other online retailers.

Here is an excerpt from Dangerous Ally

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Sneak Peek: Lies I Never Told

Today we have a sneak peek from the new collection of literary fiction short stories by Martin Crosbie: Lies I Never Told.

Martin Crosbie, bestselling author of “My Temporary Life”, presents us with a glimpse into the rear-view mirror of life. Crosbie’s writing is so quiet that when the crash comes you suddenly realize you’ve been gripping onto the edge of your chair, living the story along with the main character. In this intensely personal collection, he writes about relationships, sex, children, guilt, and sometimes, the absence of guilt.

Lies I Never Told includes four new, original stories, one previously published short story, and the first chapters of his bestselling novel “My Temporary Life” and the follow-up “My Name Is Hardly”.

Lies I Never Told is available at and Amazon UK.

Here is an excerpt from Lies I Never Told

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Sneak Peek: The Farewell Season

Today we have a sneak peek from the young adult coming of age book by Ann Herrick: The Farewell Season.

Eric used to think he’d live forever, but not any more. As football season starts, he hopes he can live normally again after the death of his father, but his refusal to face his grief results in anger at his coach, fights with his sister, resenting added responsibilities, and disillusionment with football. It takes a special relationship with Glynnie, who is dealing with the divorce of her parents, to open his heart to love again, see he is angry with his father for dying and the way to get through grief is by grieving.

This book is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble.

Here is an excerpt from The Farewell Season

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