Links of Interest

I have scoured the blogosphere so you don’t have to—or something. Check out this veritable treasure trove of golden links:

Author Aynoit Ashor reaches out to abused women.

Brian Harmon gives us a sneak-peek at his newest, the fourth installment of his epic horror series, “Road Beneath the Wood.”

Ellen Ghyll puts “Chicken Feed” up for adoption!

Gregory G. Allen gets to interview the lovely Terri Giuliano Long on his blog.

The fabulous Jim Devitt posts about some yahoo starting up a blog. Maybe you don’t want to click that one. You may go back in time or something.

Lisa Vandiver takes a closer look at Larry Enright.

Paul Roemer puts forward a plan to help men through this difficult (sports) season.

“Doodling,” by Jonathan Gould gets high marks from Cath ‘n’ Kindle.

Yolanda Washington provides some needed clarification on fiction genres.

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